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Part Three Worship God

Part Three Worship God At this point in time, we should note that maybe a lot of us are not worshiping God the right way, meaning we attend church regularly but are not serving Him. [Matthew 4:4] states that when Satan tempted Jesus when he stated, “All things I can give you if you bow down and worship me.” Jesus responded telling him “Away with you.” So now we know that worship and serving God are connected, and some of us choose to do both, while others just worship. But bear in mind, Jesus himself objected to ritual worship, which is a form of worship that involves physical movement, and it was said the key point to worship is edifying that leads to glorifying God [Jehovah]. Jesus tells us it is not enough to claim to be a Christian. We must remember that in order to live the way God wants us to, we also need to study the Bible. And in order to worship with God [Jehovah] correctly, we must attend a church that deals with the truth. In this example, I believe that Westminster Church of Detroit does deal with the truth, and tells us what Bible warns us end of time issues. A lot of people today are reading their Bibles, but have trouble with following God’s Commandments – here are some of them: • Thou shalt not kill • Thou shalt not steal • Love thy neighbor • Thou shalt not commit adultery But what does this really tell us about ourselves? Are we really following Jesus? And where are the followers of Christ? Let’s keep in mind that you don’t have to be a Jehovah Witness to follow God and Jesus. There are a lot of people out here today that are Christians that are followers of Christ. Yet it is said to be a follower of Christ, you need to have some of the traits listed below: • Like to talk about Jesus • Embrace love • Show compassion for outsiders and the weak • Show others mercy • Describe who Jesus and God are

In the Bible in [Ephesians 5;11] it states “Be careful how you live.” A better example of this comes from D. L. Moody, who states, “Christians today can be contradictive when they come to their beliefs,” meaning some of us call ourselves Christians but don’t practice our beliefs. In other words, we need to remind ourselves when it comes to others, that we are the best examples of Christians, and it’s best said that a good thing to remember is the way we live, talk and services rendered will give others an idea of what type Christians we are. So it’s not enough to just claim to have traits of Jesus, we need to strengthen our-selves to be like God. It is said we need to live like God intended and exhibit wisdom. According to Paul in [Colossians 4:5], he tells us to be wise in the way we act toward outsiders. A foolish man don’t care how he conducts hisself and yet a wise man does. Careful living then is the result of real wisdom. The point is, when it comes to God, some of us have either a large gap or a small gap, and will also try to do things to be closer to God by lowering his standards. For example, one might say “God doesn’t mean that,” and others will say they will try harder. But in some of the scriptures, it warns us against this thinking because it robs us of the joy of getting to know Christ. So if we are trying to follow God’s [Jehovah] plan, we should ask for help. After all, He is in all of us. It’s stated in the Bible, God’s command is law, but we are no longer under judgment, and instead we have forgiveness and eternal life. And if this theory is true, maybe we need to go back to those times. People like myself who wish to be like Jesus and follow Him need to show the following elements: • Righteousness and holiness • We must walk with newness of life • We must show unity with God • We must endure our temptations For those of us wanting to read more on this, look up the Fourteen Steps to Follow Jesus on-line. But what does this say about all these cities of sin – which is a big part of the puzzle? Does it say that we are living in sin all over and no place is innocent, and we all have demon traits in us? Interestingly, the city of Los Vegas is at the top of the list as a city of sin, and its highest idea of sin was the concept of jealousy. California had the lowest percentage at 24.43 percent.