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It’s no wonder that a

It’s no wonder that a lot of us think we are living the right way Christ and God intended, but like we said, for a city to rid all sin, everyone must repent. We know this is hard, that it is easier said than done. There might be some thousand churches across the U.S. that may be empty, because we are not going to church for various reasons – but why? The theory is simple. The fact is, there are a lot of people who are in need of a spiritual fix, but are doing nothing about it. Maybe this explains why we aren’t living right, and sin is in control. Today we live in a crazy world and all of our spiritual needs must be met. [Timothy 3:1] states bad times are coming. One author states that we are living in our last days, and if you don’t believe it, watch the news. There children killing parents; men who are lovers of other men. Our churches help from time to time with these burdens we have. Let’s look at this theory closer. The fact is we are living the wrong way; (Thessalonians 2) tells us Let no human deceive you for the day will come … and it kind of gives us the idea that these days are here and that Godless pastors are part of the blame. These pastors are not instructing their church members on how to live the right way. They have a way of getting people to listen to them. Here is a list of some Godless pastors 1) The Rock and Roll pastor and the contemporary church; this was said to be the best way to get the youth into church, and the view is at lease they’re in church, right? 2) Ecumenical pastor doesn’t want to lead souls out of error, but reason that unity and love have no place in Christian walk. 3) experience based bark – think that when someone jumps up and down and shouts, that it’s from God, but how odd is that? It tells us in the Bible that the Bible is the anchor to the soul, and God’s words are solid – and that should make one shout. 4) Lastly, Reprobate pastors are pastors that never gave themselves to God, and don’t believe in any form of Christianity and aren’t big on worldly items. But we have to remember that we bear some of the responsibility because some churches follow evil and foolish ways that are affecting people in a negative way. For example, with the Rock and Roll church, some say it has demonic tones. If yet these churches had obeyed God and closed their doors, this form of evil would not exist. So a lot of responsibility falls on us because of our sins, and the other may be due to our pastors. If Bible study became part of our lives, maybe some of our issues we are facing in our last days wouldn’t be so bad. A world with

moralist Godless people is not a world at all. And yet, some are children of God and children of Satan. Right now I think there is a struggle between good and evil on earth. The question then is, can man find meaning in his life? Author Victor Frankel tells us it does not matter we have nothing from life, we still can find meaning. He goes on to state, upholding a good evil concept takes the good people off the responsibility hook, meaning they are free from being considered in the blame of the following things: 1. Crime and vandalism 2. Rape and torture 3. Violence and bullying With these types of conduct, people sometimes use the rational, “That’s just the way the world is, and not much can be done by me,” to justify things instead of focusing on what God wants us to do. But, whether or not you believe things will get better, keep in mind the following points to remember: 1. There is something we can do. 2. There is a better life coming to live [God’s new kingdom]. 3. Jesus will return and do something about the evil. Rape and lust are also forms of this deadly sin, because they involve using other people to gratify one’s desires. And even today, as we try to live the way God intends, we are all victims of this crime. And it is a struggle to live the way God wants us to live. And, if we do the following things, it may help a little: 1. Pray 2. Attend a church that deals with God’s word 3. Study the Bible Because times we are living in are uncertain and bad – if you don’t’ know that, watch the news or talk to someone and they will tell you, we are living in the last days. So when it comes to God, and what he wants us to do, remember, these two key points: 1. Do onto others as you want them to do onto you 2. Caritis means whatever love is, God is. This concept is for all of us out there living. Zimborino tells us there are lesser forms of evil, such as drug dealers, scams.