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Part Four Our Last Days

Part Four Our Last Days It’s been stated in certain parts of the Bible that we are supposedly living in our last days, and there are various interpretations of this theory. For example, according to [Matt. 24:36] it states that Jesus foretells things would take place on earth before the kingdom would bring true peace. Yet some of these things include food shortages, children dis-obeying their parents, etc. but from another perspective, how can we be sure these events are signs of last days? And for sure, it is important to mention in the Bible these events have come, or will occur. This part of the research will show some type of scientific information about these global events as well as other information. And to sum it all up, things will begin to get interesting, and in the final two parts we will talk about how and why this will happen. So this brings this part to a close. We seek to find out what the last days theory is really about, and if what the Bible is stating about Jesus destroying Satan is extremely important to us all? A key question is, how can we prepare ourselves for this event? Earlier in this report we talked about the church’s role and how it affects us as Christians. The churches must tell us more about the last days, and not hide behind false information. Unfortunately, it’s been called to our attention that when it comes to the theory of the last days. It is used in various texts in the Bible that pastors rarely mention. For example, [Joel 2:28-32] tell us that the Holy Spirit would pour out in the last days. But remember, we are talking about something more profound, and that is the true meaning of the last days. This concept brings us to two key points to begin with: 1. The concept refers to the end of times 2. It is talking about the 2000 years [Hebrew 11:2] stated God in these last days spoke to us in or through His son whom he appointed heir to all things made in this world. So first, note that the concept probably refers to the time of new covenant the gatherings of God’s people in church which is on earth. 3. This concept differs from those that we believe in the rapture [Catholics today think that there is an end of time,

and that refers to humans. Churches today should have the task of interpreting the scriptures that are based on the last days theory. Now this is where things get interesting. Supposedly it states in the Bible that there will be something called rapture. The concept of the rapture was to have been secret, because it was the time when Jesus would come and take the true believers in Christ to heaven. This event would follow the seven year tribulation and that anti-Christ. So during the seven year tribulation Christ would come and establish a throne – how interesting? But before we get into the return of Jesus and the Rapture, let’s make sure we understand the last days concept and the tribulations. One might ask if these two concepts are connected? And the answer is, they have similar facts and events. For example, according to the Bible the seven year tribulation is when the anti-Christ will appear. It was also said he will turn against his friends, which was called the Great Tribulations. Author John Show points out some interesting points that are related to the last days topic; they are: • [Matthew 24] states Jesus spells out all these things in chronological order, including the birth pangs or sorrows of the world. • Jesus warns us of the rumors of war and famine and earthquake, which was said to happen in the first three years and was said to be bad for some people. The reference to the seven year tribulation is a warning that there is more pain to come, and it is related to the second coming of Jesus. Interesting, and it still remains a mystery to some. For some it is hard to grasp the concept that we are living in the last days. One writer claims that we are not living in the last days, because of her views, and yet others have thought of her as a scoffer [someone who rejects the word of God]. This writer tells us the meaning of the last days refers to the New Covenant Era, when Jesus Christ will return. But last days concept can be rather confusing to some. Today there are a lot of us who follow the idea that the world is coming to an end. And others just don’t know, because they have limited information. Some scientists play a part in this concept because, unless there’s a real catastrophic disaster, humans will exist in any generations. On the other hand, according