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to a news report on Fox

to a news report on Fox News, entitled Scientists Predict When World Will End, it was stated that they have found a link to prove when earth will come to an end, and this is an interesting fact, since we are talking about the last days – which is mentioned in the Bible. But it is odd that they mention that it will happen in about 16 billion years, and they say life will end before this. Author James Gray explains a few things to us which are listed below. 1. He stated before the world comes to an end, a thousand years of righteousness and peace must come. 2. This is the age of dispensation, meaning God will deal with people in other forms and ways in different periods, which is the great human redemption plan. 3. This Christian age is in a catastrophic stage. 4. These times will consist of synchronized times, meaning for example, unholy without natural affection. James Gray tells us that we can prepare ourselves and solve these problems during these last days by doing the following: 1. Have a position to maintain [evil men shall get worse and worse deceiving and continue things they learned, but the holy Scriptures can make man wise]. 2. Services need to be performed [yet it was stated in the Bible that Paul stated that he is just not talking about preachers when it comes to responsibilities, but everyone must bear it]. According to, 64 percent really believe that we are living in our last days, and 36 percent think otherwise. How interesting? Yet it comes to the moral factor. It is implied that society as a whole is declining in these last days. [The example is, men and women who have become lovers of themselves]. Perilous times refers to people rioting and protesting in the streets, while governments are toppling over. [Revelations 13] tells us to stop those who are buying and selling of the world. It’s said that another extreme of these times is people have become lovers of pleasure, meaning a lot of people don’t have time for God, but we have all the time in the world for friends and social life – TV and reading books has also replaced God in so many ways. And yet it’s been stated that these television shows and music that these socalled Christians listen to today is considered shocking. These shows are considered an abomination to God. It’s been said 50

years ago was considered simpler, because we didn’t have all these worldly ways of entertainment, and no fool has time for God, because they are busy with their pleasures. Sadly, it’s been stated, that a lot of us are living as if nothing is going to happen. Pleasure seekers still crowd bars, clubs, theaters and gambling halls as well. And we must remember that in any case, satin knows his time is short, and he is already at work deceiving people. [So, the question is: What is the message behind these television shows we are watching – for example, American Idol and Preacher]? Let’s not forget, today a lot of us seek worldly riches like money, or another human being to fill the void in our lives, over eternal riches. And these are signs that society is collapsing, and a big part of this collapsing society is churches of today. They collect a lot of money and have a lot of people to attend, but are not doing their jobs. It’s been stated that the media, which includes billboards, radio, televisions, is why so many of us lust after things or people. Lastly, look at the fact that there children out there that are disobedient to their parents. Growing up we were told to respect our elders, but today if you tell a child to respect you, he may disrespect you by talking back or even kill you. And we must note that when we talk about a collapsed society, this is one of the biggest problems. Some Christians today don’t believe in the Ten Commandments, because they think they will be saved in their sin, rather than Jesus saving them from their sins. Today then there is little being done to turn people from their sins – and this is sad. So when it comes to how we are living today, the sad fact is, a lot of Christian people don’t like being corrected. These people will say things like, “Stop judging me” and will not repent from sin or want to be corrected. It was stated that before the world comes to an end, there is one final crisis to come, and it will be considered a catalyst of events to governments that will bring on the mark of the beast [Exodus 9:11 events] or [a natural disaster]. Peter 3:10 tells us the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night and humans will pass away in great noise. The elements will melt with great heat and earth and its works shall burn up. [This gives us reference to the lands building banks etc. Peter brought up a good question in the Bible when he