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asked what person would

asked what person would want to face this event. And although the answer wasn’t clear, we should be prepared to do the following things: • Be prepared to meet God every night when you go to bed • The way of righteous is the only way to live, and each person should try to be their very best in the sight of God According to the Bible, it was said that when the world comes to an end God [Jehovah] will take care of Christians, and you can refer to [Thessalonians 14:16]. For the Lord is himself and will descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of an archangel … And it was said that Christians still living will be taken for Christ in the second coming. It must be remembered that those that died first will be raised and the rest living shall be called up to meet God in the air. [Hebrew 10:12,13] states that Jesus said his rule of the world would be marked by the fact the world would take a turn for the worst. The example given is the wars going on now and food shortage and other bad things as well. Look at [Luke 21:10] it states in so many words these are troubled days we are living in – our last days. Interestingly, there was a concept that there were four horsemen that were connected to these last days. These horsemen are listed below, and some have some reference to Christ. 1. Jesus was riding a white horse 2. Red horse was fire 3. Black horse was famine 4. Pale horse represents death The red horse was fire-like, meaning it would take peace from the world and they would slaughter each other with swords. This horse represents warfare, and notice, some estimated millions of people have died from war. Then there was the black horse that meant famine and food shortage. [Revelations 6:5] states a quart of wheat for a denarius. Lastly, the pale horse represents death due to plagues, like smallpox and other diseases. So, when we talk about these last days, it isn’t enough to just talk about them; we need to educate ourselves more on the subject. It’s stated that some people may be evil, and not to let them in your life. Don’t let them pull you away from God, for they will

urn up in the fire. The Bible tells us we should be holy and try to live the way God intends for us to live. Next, we will take a closer look at what the final days will look like, and talk about two key elements: The rapture, and the apocalypse. An online video depicted the last days as the skies being dark and the moon not giving any light, and there were horrifying reports that buildings will crumble to the ground and the stars will fall from the skies and people will stare in horror. Yeah! That sounds bad. But whether it happens or doesn’t, it will have a lasting effect on us all. Did you also know that some say before the world ends, something called “the beast” has to appear. No, we are not talking about some type of animal, but a worldwide problem [Revelations 13] warns us that if we worship this beast and receive the mark, we will receive the wrath of God. Therefore, Satan will be that beast pretending to be God. He will act and sound like God [Jehovah]. It states also in [Revelations 13] that some people will worship the beast because the dragon gave authority to him. And they can make war with the beast as well. We must note that it was said almost everyone in the world will worship the devil, and only a few will worship the lamb [Jesus]. Whoever worships the lamb will have their name in his book. Think then about this quote: All those who dwell on earth shall worship him whose name has not been written in the book of life of lambs slain from the foundation of the world. So, when Jesus returns in the second coming, he will throw the beast into a lake of fire. We are living in those last days, and there are two groups of worshippers out there, and they are those who worship God [Revelations 14:7], and those who worship the beast [Revelations 13:8]. There is something called a “seal” or “mark” which we will talk about for a minute. This is a form of identification to know who worships, for example you could have the mark of 666 or God seal. And if you wanted to avoid the mark of the beast, here are a few things that can help: • Love God’s laws and turn from transgressions • Worship God (Jehovah) and not false gods • Pay attention to the fourth commandment It’s been stated we must read and study the fourth commandment to see if it applies to the way we are living in relation to God. The fourth commandment tells us something that’s vital to remember, and that is: remember the Sabbath day, because it helps define the proper relationship with God, including how we are to love and worship with