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Jehovah. But sadly,

Jehovah. But sadly, Satan is out there and he wants to destroy our relationship with God by any means. And this is why the fourth commandment is extremely important. Now that we know of the beast and that he will try and take over in last days. The question is, how has the beast tried to take over? Look at the examples of how the devil is trying to take over. First, through our bad language we are using, by calling each other names that are God-like. The conduct in the government is bad, and lastly, a lot of movies today promote bad behavior. But we must remember, there is only one way to combat the devil, and that is to submit yourself to God and resist Satan, and he will flee you [James 4:7]. We know that these are the final days now, and Satan is somewhat in charge. And it is important to think about how we can prepare ourselves more. Author Don Koenig, who wrote Preparing Ourselves For Perilous Times gives us some ideas on the topic which are listed below: 1. Get serious about a relationship with Christ, meaning, read the New Testament, including the book of proverbs and psalms, because they give good instructions on how to live and fellowship with God. 2. Pray for wisdom to understand your calling in these last days, and do it with the good strength God gave you. 3. Be separate from the world; change some old habits. 4. Fellowship with other Christians. 5. Don’t expect rapture will occur anytime soon. 6. Have a lot of extra food on hand. Now before we move on to the second coming, we are going to talk about: Is there a real apocalypse or rapture? And what do churches and others have to say about it? Everyone these days has some idea about what the word apocalypse means. And yet some say it relates to humans dying and coming back to life in some horrid form and roaming the earth. And others like myself, just don’t know, and the thought of becoming a human zombie roaming the earth mindlessly isn’t a good thing. And here is where we will examine the theory in this side of the report. But let’s define the word “apocalypse” The meaning refers to an end and final destruction for humans. Does it sound interesting? It is in some ways, but let’s see what the Bible says about it. [Matthew 24:36] states in so many words, but of that day no man, no day, no time, but the Lord. And this statement tells us yes, there will be an apocalypse. [Joel 2:30-32] states I will show wonders

in heaven and earth’s blood fires; pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before a great day of the Lord … so yet, earlier in this report we told what was going to happen to earth – meaning the earth was going to burn up and collapse. It was amazing to read and find out that only 36 percent of senior pastors believed in the pre-tribulation rapture theory, and they think the idea of the rapture was not important. And 18 percent really believe in it. And even more interesting is that a lot of people say it’s not an easy topic to teach in churches. This would explain why it’s not talked about in churches much these days. Forty nine percent of pastors also may see the devil as a figure, and 12 percent don’t think the devil is real – odd, right? Scott McConnell, vice president of Lifeway Researches, tells us it is not a bad pastor that disagrees on details of apologist because a lot of them agree on main teaching of the second coming. Let’s look at some other views about the apologist, which are listed below: 1. Christianity views think that the end will come and the righteous will be raptured out of clothes, body, etc. … and will be seated to watch everyone else on judgment day. 2. Judism tells us that those expelled will go to Israel.