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Part Five Return of

Part Five Return of Christ Book of Matthew We are now working on Part Five of this book, which is the Book of Matthew and the second coming. And this part of the report will look at the following concepts: 1. The rapture and second coming explained more 2. What will happen to humans when Jesus returns 3. What will earth look like 4. What we need to know about good Christian behavior Part 5 Introduction If you have been paying attention, it’s amazing that there are so many instructions about the second coming. And everyone, including the Jehovah Witness, got a hand on the theory. But do we all have a real hand on it? No, I don’t think so. If you are like me, you’d rather learn for yourself about the second coming. And it’s even more important to read the Book of Matthew. In my opinion, the Book of Mathew serves as a fundamental format for the return of Jesus, and it prepares us for His return after that. It was stated that this book is vital to us all, and we must remember that it must be preached to all nations before Christ returns. But if you are a reader like me, you may want to know more, like the following information: 1.What does the Book of Matthew do with the second coming? 2.How does it affect us humans? 3.How do we apply it to our lives? So, if you’re wondering what is up, first it is the Book of Gospels and we will explore and look at its concepts. [In the Bible Jesus used the parable about the ten virgins as an example to show people how to prepare people for His return]. Some of them thought it was just a human problem that needed to be corrected before He returns, but it’s also a spiritual readiness concept as well [Matthew 25:1-2]. We know that the Book of Matthew, thought of as God’s [Jehovah] law because it must be reached to all nations, and it was part of the plan as well. So, when we say the book applies to our lives it can change our relationship with God [Jehovah]; interesting, right? Note that without the

change it would cause God [Jehovah] to worry and all would be lost [Galantines 1:34]. It then affects us on so many levels, but the most important level is it gets us ready for the return of Jesus. [John 6:63] states that it’s impossible to believe in gospels unless the reader is first drawn to God, and it must be presented in honesty. I will read it and accept it for what it’s worth. [Matthew Verses 1 & 2] refers to the inner state of mind of the true Christian believer, and it is also connected to the true life of the believer which is blessed with glory and grace as Jesus describes. Let us then look at an example [Abraham begot Isaac; Isaac begot Jacob …] meaning the blessings have been passed from one person to the next. So think about your own life, have your own blessings been passed down, and how? Often we don’t think about our own blessings in this form, but we should – right? Another yet powerful part of the Book of Matthew is the part that relates to the second coming. Again, there are those key points Matthew brings up before we even get into the second coming that is in [Matthew Chap. 24], which are the following: 1. The Gospel of Kingdom shall be preached by all, and then the king will come [Matthew 24:4]. 2. There will be great tribulation [Matthew 24:2]. 3. Even in the Book of Matthew it tells us what to expect. As we see in chapter 5 of the Book of Matthew, it opens with the parable about the ten virgins who were supposedly preparing for the return of Jesus, and Matthew gives a warning from Jesus which states: “There will be no second coming changes/chances for the unprepared.” In this example the ten virgins are women, but are symbolic to the church, and the groom is symbolic to the rapture. Interesting, right? It was stated that the wise were ready and the foolish were not, and here is an example of a parable about the foolish [there were five foolish virgins who were humans. They claimed they knew Jesus. They were not living for Jesus. They had head knowledge, but not heart knowledge. And Jesus told them he never knew them [Matthew 7:23]. So we know from reading the Book of Matthew, that it is considered the most powerful and influential book in the bible because it contains the text that tells us about the second coming. Although other sources have described the second coming of Jesus like a cartoon, when they said He will come on a white cloud not a horse.