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Part Six God’s Kingdom

Part Six God’s Kingdom But if you were in God’s Kingdom, your meekness and gentleness would be viewed as a trait that is more important than anything else. There are two main key points to know that are related to this fallen world, and they are discussed below: 1. We see worldly people today grabbing things for themselves, and when they render help to someone else, they want something in return. 2. The people in God’s Kingdom will express true love and concern to others through the spirit of giving. Pay attention then to [Matthew 22:37-39], for it tells us that Jesus emphasizes on loving God with all our hearts and loving our neighbors. If we as humans want then a deeper relationship with God, we need to nurture the spirit of humility in our lives. [James 4:6] tells us that God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble and over half the Christians today think or act proud and don’t have a clue. Sadly, a lot of us Christians today tend to wrongly focus on the external appearance of things, and some of us will have or use the following things to misjudge people: You must remember that God is building a new Kingdom and not this fallen world and the Kingdom of God opposes the values of the fallen world and it was said to be an everlasting kingdom for the righteous to dwell in. Take note of [Romans 14:17], as it describes the Kingdom of God as a place primarily for eating and drinking, but one more for the righteous and peace. Eating and drinking represent the fallen world where the visual and temporal are important. This very point reminds us of the warning from Jesus about His second coming and he states many will be eating, buying things, doing things etc. Paul yet continues to remind us of these things that are of a visual perspective, and we should focus on the unseen. But be advised that everything unseen is not positive, for the people of the dark are also in the unseen realm. There are two key points that come from the JW.ORG website GOD wants us to know if we don’t know already, and they are mentioned here; 144,000 will be raptured to God’s Kingdom to live and help rule over earth. There will be a king, and he will be Jesus.

A person conducts in how they act in evaluating one’s life. How one responds to a problem and a person’s service to God. [It is urgent that we learn to see beyond the exterior of things and discern reality as God sees it. Because it will yet allow us to solve the problems of today and see people better]. Before moving on, below are a few points we need to mention and take note of: • We need to concentrate on the realties of our own lives. • What is our true meaning in our hearts? • What is the quality of our relationship with God? • What is the value of contribution to God’s Kingdom? The online author of this article has a good point and is so right about how our culture has affected our churches and Bible today. Culture today is above the scriptures because everyone is following the culture trends and not the scriptures. Yet, here is something to ponder and think about: • Our focus … your focus should be on God’s will and working in his righteous ways, and not our own. • Those of us who claim to be part of the Kingdom of God, but who live for your-selves, according to this culture will not enter the Kingdom. • If we attempt to define God’s Kingdom in terms of our culture, we are wrong. And with this mind it was stated that the problem we have committing to God’s [Jehovah] Kingdom through Christ is a self-problem. Here then is one view on culture and the church that states things in the churches have become so deteriorated that when it comes to the culture, the culture is above the word of God. Is this true? Has the culture of the churches changed so badly? So on some level it was said that the things that pertain to the Bible have been rejected and not taken seriously. So, you see that today our cultural views have influenced and corrupted our churches and members on so many levels. [I remember how it states in the Bible that all scriptures are inspired by God …]. Well sadly, how true it is there are some that want to stray away from it because of our culture. And here is where the truth lay, for it was stated that a good tree cannot produce evil fruit, nor can an evil tree produce good fruit. Think about it for a moment – and that is if a man’s heart is evil, how can the culture be good? So when we talk about culture, we must remember that some of its characters are divorce, abortion, sexism, etc. …