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It was said that no man

It was said that no man can serve two masters, and unfortunately, we cannot adopt the culture of the higher world if we are serving the God of this world and culture [Satan and the love of this world]. This culture has become offensive to God, but because of man’s mind has become bad. Remember the term mammon not only refers to love of money, but also the love of anything associated with this world. How true is this? Yet, I’m not surprised, because so many of us have this mammon illness in us on so many levels. [Revelations 3:16] states that those of us that are luke warm to him as in God will not be spit out of him. And even though we are Christians, we will all know that there two key points to connect to our culture and those are: One is our country of natural birth and the other is our spiritual birth, which is in God’s Kingdom. Some believers think that we should submit to our spiritual and it will fade into non-existence once we translate to the culture of heaven. But this theory won’t happen because of the fact we as humans are responsible for culture of the world. With this in mind, some of intents in our hearts are always evil. [Genesis 6:5] states the Lord saw the intent in man’s heart was wickedness and that every intention of thought in his heart was evil. Now that’s insightful, but remember that God [Jehovah] also said that a good tree produces good fruit and a bad tree will produce bad fruit or evil fruit. The principle of provision means that by putting God first we allow him to meet our needs. Remember that when we allow God to use what we have for His Kingdom He will bless us till we don’t have any more room to hold the blessings. That is why it’s better to give than to receive. That is why I have said you must pay it forward in life. The principle of promotion means being humble in the Kingdom of God. If you will remember, Jesus told his disciples that whoever is humble like a child shall be the greatest. So help us promote the good news about Jesus and the Kingdom of God. As we begin at closing this chapter, remember, Bill Johnson told us about the foundation of the Kingdom of God that is mentioned below in the book The Culture of the Kingdom of God vs the Culture. One must remember that the term “culture” refers to the point that all Christians belong to it, but don’t practice beliefs on earth. In the book it tells us the Kingdom culture is more of a spiritual one and not an earthy one. Remember that it was stated in the Bible that all who have been united with Christ in baptism have been made like him. And bear in mind we need to think of culture not as a divider for the followers of Christ, but rather as belonging to a higher culture of heaven. But there is a

strong warning for the people of His world about the concept of the world culture. And that is, if we continue to cling to the worldly culture of today, it will always divide the believers and non-believers.