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approached him reaching

approached him reaching out his hands. Jesus touched the leper’s hands, and at that moment the man was healed. It is shown in this illustration, and throughout the bible, that Jesus took his ministry from town to town, healing and preaching about God’s kingdom. In his teachings, he spoke to the lowly people, telling them to repent and God would bless them. He liked the humble people of the mountains. It is here we will take a closer look at his teachings. The people were drawn to him because he was pure and sensitive, and was loyal in doing God’s work. He spoke on being obedient to God, and this lesson was illustrated when he encountered Satan in the woods and was tempted, but resisted the temptation (Matthew 4:1 & 11). In this example, it was said that Jesus was in the woods for 40 days. The devil appeared and offered him worldly possessions, but he exhibited self-control and resisted the temptations. This lesson of self-control that God taught Jesus comes up many times in the bible Another of Jesus’ teachings was based on God’s love for all people. Jesus was visiting the district of Samaria and he encountered a Samarian woman (you have to remember, back then the Samarian people and Jews did not like each other). The Samarian woman could not understand that Jesus was so kind to her. He asked her for some water; he then stated, “Whoever drinks this water will not be thirsty at all. There are many illustrations in the bible, attesting to Jesus going all over the place healing and teaching. The bible tells of a blind man that Jesus put sand on his eyes and told him to go wash his eyes off at the water. After doing that, the man could see, and was so excited, he spread the word that Jesus heals. In one of Jesus’ lessons, he told the people that they should be mournful of their sins in their hearts, and if they were, he would help them and try to save them. Jesus also taught us to treat others as you wish to be treated. Unfortunately, many do not do this, and do not treat others with kindness and respect. Often people treat others as though they were enemies. This is all part of the wages of sin. The bible teaches us that to love evil is to love death. Another lesson Jesus wanted us to learn was grief was said to be the wages of sin. While he was traveling, he met a man who was grief-stricken, worrying that his son was going to die. When he saw Jesus, he said, “Come bless my son.” After hearing this, Jesus told the man to go home, and that his son would be healed. [20]

Another example of Jesus’ healing powers, upon going to the village of Cabraman, he encountered a man with a demon in him (one of Satan’s angels). He yelled “Be silent and come out of him!” This illustrates how Jesus was able to expel the unclean spirit without hurting the person. [23] These examples of Jesus’ healings illustrate how he was able to do God’s work on earth, in addition to preaching the good news of God’s kingdom. The bible shows how only God can overcome our sins. Jesus forgave a crippled man who did what he told him to do. He told him, “Pick up your cot and go home.” Sickness has to do with our sins, and to gain forgiveness is to have good physical health. [28] Jesus had the highest regard for God’s laws, and believed that whoever broke them would be called the least in relation to the kingdom of God. Some of the most important lessons of the bible are in the Ten Commandments; these are the laws God has made for us all. For example, even in the Ten Commandments, we are directed to love others and pray for them. Some question why prayer and trusting in God are so important. With so many bad things happening, prayer is a powerful tool, but Jesus instructed us to pray privately; he disliked people praying in open. He taught us to pray with thanksgiving, and not to be in a hurry. [68] This is a powerful way to strengthen our relationship with God. We should note there are some prayers that won’t be answered. An example is the case of the rebellious Israelites. In the days of the Prophet Isaiah, God tells them, “I am not listening to you, your hands are filled with blood. And we see from this example, that some of our actions may cause God not to listen. God tells us that for favors to be favorable, there are some requirements. First of all, we must have faith; that is very important [Mark 11:24]. What this is telling us, is that faith is more than merely knowing that God exists, and that he hears and answers our prayers. Faith is proven by our actions. We must show action by our every day life [James 2:6]. It was said, that when praying, it shouldn’t be in the same way and the same form all the time [Matthew 6:18]. Our last requirement to praying – it is said that if a man prays for a job, he needs to work hard to get the job, not just expect it to come to him because he prayed for it [Matthew 6:11:2]. It also was said, to overcome a fleshly desire, we must be careful to avoid certain circumstances that will