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lead us into temptation

lead us into temptation [Corinthians 3:5]. Remember, when we talk about faith it means that we should keep the faith in God through the risen Christ, which is the teaching and guidance of the Holy Spirit. This also means having faith in God and a relationship with him can be an emotional roller coaster ride [33]. An example of a faith act is, let’s say you have a problem and you don’t know what to do. First, you need to stop and pray on it, and put it in the hands of God; that is, surrender it to God himself. Others say that our problems are not ours, but it is our responsibility to bear some of it. For example, if you need food, God will provide the necessary tools to help you get food – either by teaching you to grow it, or help you get a job so you can buy food. The text gives us more of an example about keeping the faith when one of Jesus’ followers questions his faith. His name was John the Baptist, and he had been in prison and in this illustration he asked some friends to ask Jesus, are you coming, or will he see another? In this example, it seemed like he didn’t have any faith in Jesus. John wanted to know if Jesus was the Messiah, “the chosen one.” So Jesus goes to work to heal people; yet, John the Baptist lacks faith in Jesus, and that was why he was told he would not be in the heavenly kingdom. Having faith then results when you find the true blessings of enjoying God’s plan in life. You will find that exceeds what you asked for or thought of. Our next example shows what “dipping in the Jordan” really refers to. It’s a powerful method included in the inspirational living model. Naeman was a leper who called on a prophet in hopes the prophet would call upon the lord of Israel to cleanse him. But the prophet Elshia brushed him off with a message to dip in the Jordan seven times. At first Naeman refused, but later he decided to try it, and he was healed, because he faithfully obeyed God and completed his task. This alone tells us that when God gives us a task and we should do it faithfully – whether or not it seems important to us, having faith in God’s plan for working out a problem. Solving a problem is what is involved. And we have learned from countless stories in the bible how people have carried out various forms in bibles. Still some church leaders today may not be teaching the true way to worship God. This is illustrated in what Jesus says about false prophets when he says that not everyone that says “Lord Lord” will not get into the Kingdom of Heaven – but only the willing of my fathers who is in Heaven

will. From this point we can see some preachers are false teachers, and Jesus considers them “workers of lawness [Matthew 7:21]. Co-Pastor Regina Nevels told that she believes there are false teachers out there. She hopes she is not one of them, because she considers herself as doing God’s work. False religion is harmful for us. It is important to remember the way we worship God means life or death [Peter 2:3]. Jesus tells us that true religion would be evident in the lives of people who practice it. The point is, true religion is recognized by the conduct and beliefs of those who practice these views. True worshipers are not perfect; they can be everyday people in churches. These are people like you and I who make mistakes, but seek to do God’s will [1460]. Below are four features of true worshippers according to Jesus: 1) true worshippers base teaching on the bible [Tim 2:3], 2) they worship God who is Jehovah [Mat 4:16].In an example, Jesus tells his followers the story of the Pharos [Mark 8], 3)Jesus tells us that if we have love among ourselves, we are disciples of God, because God loved everyone [John 13:35], 4) Jesus tells us people who call themselves Christians do not take up weapons to their brothers and sisters. Yet, it stated in the bible that there are children of God, and children of the devil. This point is illustrated by what is said in the following statement: Whoever does not practice righteousness does not originate from God, nor does he love his brother [John 3:10). True Christians accept Jesus Christ as savior in God’s name of salvation. This point is illustrated in the bible when Jesus tells the people to seek salvation from him. In this context, the example is, if you feel weary and need help, you can ask Jesus for salvation. If you then look in the bible, you see that the bible tells us that there is no salvation in anyone else [Acts 4:12]. This is why he wants us to follow his teaching so we may have everlasting life. Our point then is, Jesus followers preach and teach that God’s kingdom is mankind’s only hope. So when Jesus taught us to pray for a perfect place government, he told us to say the following prayer: Your kingdom come, let your will take place [Mat 100]. But unfortunately, there are many forms of false religion out there, and we need to be on guard. In this part we talk about Jesus’ suffering, and why did he have to suffer. The question is brought up here: Who wanted Jesus dead?” We see in the bible that a lot of people didn’t believe in Jesus’ work, and didn’t