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DORSCHEL INFINITI PROJECT STATISTICS Client/Owner: RJ Dorschel Corp Project Architect/Engineer: SWBR PROJECT DETAILS The Dorschel Infiniti building was remodeled 12 years ago to comply with the corporate image. In 2015, Infiniti changed the building façade to an all-glass showroom with a large glass building sail. Dorschel agreed with Infiniti that it was time for an update and hired SWBR Architects to work with Infiniti Corporate guidelines. Location: Henrietta, NY Project Cost: $1,251,000 In 2016, Spoleta Construction was selected to remodel the 6,000 square foot showroom & office area to meet the Infiniti corporate image. The project required Spoleta Construction to demo all interior walls and 2 exterior walls then expand the front part of the building out to add 1,000 square foot of showroom. This project took 5 months to complete and both Infiniti & Dorschel was excited to see the finished product.

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