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How to care for YOUR

How to care for YOUR eyes 3 Lots of kids have myopia and Emerald can help fix that, but you still want to make sure that you are always treating your eyes right!

Go to Your Eye Doctor. Visit your eye doctor regularly to make sure your eyes are healthy, and that your lenses are still a good fit. By age 5, children should have had 3 eye exams. Emerald lenses can slow down myopia in kids. Ortho-K lenses are the only way to have clear sight without contacts and glasses all day! Eat Right for Your Eyesight. Just like you need to eat right for your bones and muscles to grow strong, your eyes need the right nutrition. Make sure to eat a variety of foods, particularly vegetables and …you wake up with clear sight! After getting out of fruits. bed, fill your lens case with solution, and wash your hands so you can handle your lenses. Carefully take them Play off one Outside! by one and put them in the solution in your case. Close the case and store them in a safe place Spending for the too day. much time watching TV, looking at a phone, or a computer can hurt your eyesight. Spend more time outside, playing, taking a walk or just 4 hanging out!

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