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What have we learned? 2

What have we learned? 2 4 7 1 5 6 3 8 9 10

DOWN 1 Every night you put on your ________ and every morning you take off your ________ 2 The person you visit regularly who helps you see better 4 You blink them, you wink them, and with Emerald you won’t be squinting them! 6 An eye condition also known as Nearsightedness ACROSS 3 When your doctor gives you an eye exam he or she is checking your ________ 5 What your lenses are called. Hint: it's also a green jewel 7 This is when you have clear vision and are not wearing your lenses 8 This is where you store your lenses during the day when you are not using them. 9 This is the special liquid that helps clean and protect your lenses in your case. 10 This is time when you are wearing your lenses (1) Lenses (2) Eye doctor (3) Eyesight (4) Eyes (5) Emerald (6) Myopia (7)Eyesight (8) Case (9) Solution (10) Night 4

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