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4 Friday, February 9, 2018 National KARACHI: Head office: 509, Land Mark Plaza, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan. Ph: +9221-32214988- 32214990, Fax: +9221-32214989, Chief Editor: Muhammad Taqi Alvi Associate Editor: Ali Razavi - Editor Special Reports: Muhammad Rafique Rajpar Hyderabad Bureau Chief: Abbas Kassar - Islamabad Bureau Chief: Hameedullah Khan ISLAMABAD –– LAHORE –– RAWALPINDI –– KARACHI By Zahid Hussain Karani The ever growing close relations between India and Israel, is fast turning into a nexus that will have great and adverse repercussions for the Muslims of Asia particularly Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan and other Central Asian and Middle East countries. In fact many responsible leaders have not minced words in calling the India, Israel, United States an unholy alliance against Muslim countries and their freedom, with Iran and Pakistan being the prime targets. The recent trip to India of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is best described as a fascist and war-criminal along with a 130-member delegation is the latest development in the unholy alliance of America, Israel and India. The Israeli, Indian cooperation is meant to forge a united stand against Iran and Pakistan and disrupt their progress and economic development. The Israelis signed nine defence cooperation agreements with India. Israel will sell India an anti-aircraft missile system for $2.5billion besides help India to develop a state of the art guided missile system. India and Israel also signed the following agreements during the Israeli Prime Minister’s visit. An MoU on Cyber Security Cooperation between India and Israel. MoU between India and Israel’s Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Ministry of Energy on Cooperation in Oil and Gas Sector. A Protocol between India and Israel on Amendments to the Air Transport Agreement. Agreement on Film-coproduction between India and Israel. MoU between the Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, Ministry of AYUSH and the Centre for Integrative Complementary Medicine, Shaare Zedek Medical Center on Cooperation in the field of Research in Homeopathic Medicine, An MoU between Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST) and the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology for cooperation in the field of space. A Memorandum of Intent between Invest India and Invest in Israel. A Letter of Intent between IOCL and Phinergy Ltd. for cooperation in the area of metal-air batteries. A Letter of Intent between IOCL and Yeda Research and Development Co Ltd for cooperation in the area of concentrated solar thermal technologies. It is no secret that Israel considers Iran it greatest enemy and opponent and has no love lost for Pakistan as well. Iran has fully supported the Palestinian people in EDITORIAL Some ideals behind success of Islamic regime in Iran By Muhammad Taqi Alvi Decades after 1987 demise of Muslim world's revolutionary leader Imam Khomeini, reminder to further strengthen some ideals behind success of Islamic regime in Iran is a timely call, every time. With injustice running wild with politics of "might is right" globally, it was unthinkable to rise against all those big powers. But Imam Khomeini led in an Iran ruled by a powerful king a successful 1979 revolution of world's oppressed nations against unjust oppressors. Shortly thereafter, Iranians voted in an Islamic democracy system, free and independent from big powers, and established an Islamic Republic in Iran. Despite conspiracies and actions with trillions of dollars spent to overthrow it, this Islamic democracy and system of governance is strong enough and survives even after several decades. Therefore, it's very important not to weaken but to am Khomeini, his ideals and further strengthen Iranian nation's will and dreams reflected in Iran today, in a simple language understandable by all stakeholders. 1. Imam Khomeini was opposed to and destroyed inhumane un-Islamic ideas and actions. He appealed to all Muslim peoples everywhere to act on similar divine order. Despite decades long wars against it, this best Iranian way forward to Islam in practice led to several revolutions and people's popular governments being called Muslims Awakening worldwide. 2. Imam Khomeini empowered Allah's commaIran. Iranians continued to safeguard this ideal and utmost efforts must be made not to deviate but continue to act on this divinely desired salvation for benefit of entire humanity itself. 3. Imam Khomeini thus wanted best life for Muslims and non-Muslims alike not only for this temporary life and living in contemporary world but more importantly for best permanent life and living in Hereafter. Iranians must not be misled by un-Islamic plots nor distorted versions of different brands of Islam. Striving for true Islam in Iran, its nation must be protected from un-Islamic conspiracies. Iranians won't deviate from such noble ideals, life and living. 4. Imam Khomeini led a revolution which he himself described as "revolution of oppressed nations and downtrodden peoples worldwide". Therefore, this revolution should not be limited to terms and words like "Islamic revolution, Shi'ite revolution, Muslim's revolution, religious revolution" etc. The 1979 revolution possessed a universality of thought, speech and action. As the revolutionary leaders repeatedly emphasized: This great revolution by angelic Iranian nation belongs to every oppressed man, woman and child, anywhere and everywhere in the world. This revolution's ideology of "human rights of oppressed humans" can be a salvation for all humanity. 5. Imam Khomeini thus taught smaller, weaker nations of all religions and countries to fight for, achieve and preserve their own national freedom and independence, honor, self-dependence, dignity and self-reliance with non-interference into each other's affairs. Imam Khomeini taught a meek and doubtful world not to feel weak but to feel strong with a sure victory to come in order to defeat any unfair and unjust policies and actions of foreign or big powers as power of ideology was stronger than any weapons. This ideal as one of the basic pillars of oppressed nations strengthened and practiced by other Muslim as well as non-Muslim nations all over this world served as a great human ideology. It's a pity that all this goodness for all the world be limited by some misunderstanding leaders and countries of the world. 6. With such a universal message benefitting an entire humanity and already successfully practiced in Iran and a few like minded rulers in other states, the world can reap its fruits by adopting these higher ideals that God's holy books of so many religions also emphasize upon! At any time, now or in future, to deny superior laws of God and impose inferior man made laws may not be a way to ideal progress, prosperity and salvation of humanity in this world or Hereafter. It's not Iran which should come to terms and compromise with the world but it's the world which should accept and adopt a higher ideology and reality of life and living successfully practiced in Iran. Others do not need to change their religion to Islam but take a divine and superior, simple and easy to follow practical way of life. Contribution of various Islamic empires with their knowledge and wisdom, arts, science and economics to European renaissance and Western awakening to scientific advancements is a historical reality and is nothing new. The world can still acknowledge and follow it. 7. Imam Khomeini led revolution and Iranian nation's support to it was not for material reasons. Iran under imperialism was seemingly an economic heaven in sense of foreign imports of best products from all over the world but without a domestic industrial production and economy. Iran under the non-Islamic kingly rule allowed utmost personal freedom but promoted Western immorality. Therefore, Iranians opted for human reforms and spiritual life, sacrificing those materialistic comforts and personal liberties. Rising rate of suicides in advanced economies without spirituality invites and proves to humanity that a balanced materialistic-spiritualistic system such as in present Iran is the best form of governance for the world to accept, adopt and practice for an ideal life and living of all nations. OPINION Pakistan, Iran safety lies in unity and solidarity their just cause for a homeland. Pakistan too, is fully committed to the Palestinian cause. Israel’s hegemonistic ambitions have also been checked by Iran while Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities are viewed with alarm by Israel. The reason for the loving relationship between the Zionist power oppressing the innocent Palestinians and fundamentalist Hindu state that has usurped the freedom of the Kashmiri people is America. The United States has nudged Tel Aviv and New Delhi to come close to each other as Washington is dead opposed to the prosperity and progress of the Muslim countries of South, West and CentralAsia. In this respect, America has incorporated Indian and Israeli services to stop the China Pakistan Economic Project which also enjoys the blessings of Russia which stands to benefit from this project. The Chairman of Pakistan’s Senate, Mr Raza Rabbani during a recent meeting with the visiting Speaker of Iran’s Majlis (parliament)Mr Ali Larijani said that recent developments in the world and Donald Trump’s decision to shift the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Holy Quds (Jerusalem) have brought Iran and Pakistan even closer to each other. Senator Rabbani who is a seasoned statesman with a close eye on world events was in fact giving a wake-up call to the Pakistani and Iranian people. The US President is purposely reneging onAmerica’s word to Iran by revisiting the nuclear deal. On the other hand the other nations, the UK, France, Germany and Russia have refused to follow the US as Iran has honoured its commitments. As far as Pakistan is concerned, the US has dragged out every dirty trick from its bag to put pressure on Pakistan, from its usual “Do More” mantra to questioning the territorial integrity. The latest Dirty trick was President Donald Trump’s tweet on Jan 01, 2018 in a new year tweet saying Pakistan had taken $33 billion to do nothing. This set off a storm and Pakistan decided to stand up for its honour. Pakistan and Iran have to realise that in this dark hour for both countries, either they stand close together as twins and blood brother to survive as independent honourable nations. The need of the hour, is that the friendship of Pakistan and Iran should reflect the close Pakistan and China ties. Higher than the Himalayas and deeper than the oceans. Any other option is a sure recipe for disaster for Islamabad as well as Tehran. Sahibzada Nizam-ud-Din Sialvi announces to part ways with politics S A R G O D H A : Sahibzada Ghulam Nizamud-Din Sialvi, who had resigned as provincial lawmaker from the ruling party, announced to part ways with politics. Talking to media, Nizam-ud-Din Sialvi said, “I announce to part ways ISLAMABAD: Member of Panama investigation team Irfan Naeem Mangi has taken charge as DG NAB Rawalpindi. According to media reports, Copies of reference against Sharif family were given with politics.” “I am ready to sacrifice for the shrine of Sial Sharif,” he added. He told that his uncle Pir Hameeduddin Sialvi will decide the political fate of Sial Sharif. Nizam-ud-Din Sialvi hails from Sargodha and had won the Punjab Assembly seat PP-37 on Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) ticket. He had resigned from his provincial assembly seat when religious group led by Hameeduddin Sialvi announced protests against the PML-N government. to him, because the responsibility rests with him now to pursue the cases against Sharif family. Besides this, he has been provided record of housing societies of Rawalpindi. His announcement comes two weeks after Hameeduddin Sialvi postponed the sit-in against Punjab government on the request of Punjab chief minister CM Shehbaz Sharif. Both leaders met in January held successful negotiations. The cleric had warned the Government of Punjab to impose sharia law within a period of seven days lest the religious groups would shut down the entire province. Sialvi, who led a sit-in protest of thousands of people outside rushy shrine of Data Gunj Bukhsh in Lahore, had demanded the government to impose the sharia law. In an address delivered to the protesters, Silavi said that innocent minor girls are murdered in multiple cities while the government failed to arrest the perpetrators. IESCO approves Irfan Naeem Mangi takes medical bills after death of cancer patient charge of DG NAB Rwp I S L A M A B A D : Crackdown against cattle pens: 31 owners arrested Our Correspondent H Y D E R A B A D : Implementing orders of water commission formed by Supreme Court of Pakistan, Hyderabad administration has launched campaign against encroachments along canal banks andon Thursday arrested as many as 31 owners of cattle pens which were set up on embankments of Phuleli, and other canals passing from Hyderabad city. In this regard Deputy Commissioner Hyderabad led anti encroachment cell of HMC to remove illegal cattle pens from embankments of Phuleli, Pinyari, Akram Wah canals and on his orders 31 cattle pen owners were arrested. DC Saleem Rajput, talking with media on the occasion said that section 144 has been imposed to remove all encroachments along canal banks including cattle pens, slaughter houses, and poultry farms. He said crackdown was part of 3rd phase of anti encroachment campaign. He warned encroachers to remove their encroachments or face music. Assistant Commissioner City Agha Zulfiqar Durrani, Mukhtiarkar city Rizwan Jatoi and other officers and staff were present. Harf Kaar, Urdu software with auto correct grammatical errors to launch soon Lack of facilities, people reluctant to visit parks in Islamabad ISLAMABAD: Due to lack of basic facilities and improper security arrangements, visitors of different big parks are reluctant to visit the public parks situated in the federal capital. Talking to Online, visitors of different parks including Rose and Yasmin Garden, Kachnar park, Rawal park, F-9 park and G-7 markaz complained that top civic agency Capital Development Authority (CDA) has failed to provide proper facilities in the parks while security arrangements are also insufficient. Kamran, resident of Sadiqabad, Rawalpindi a regular visitor of Rose & Jasmine park said that he has been visiting the parks from the last twelve years. He complained there are no proper facilities available in the park. ISLAMABAD: This First-ever Urdu software titled “Harf Kaar” with an advanced programme of detecting and correcting grammatical errors and anomalies in Urdu diction and proof is the result of joint efforts by noted poet and writer Akhtar Raza Saleemi and eminent software programmer Saeed Raza Khan. The software has been designed keeping in view the global digital needs of Urdu writers and poets. With one click, the programme will auto-correct all the errors in Urdu diction, proof and expression. According to Saleemi, the software will not only point out/correct Urdu diction and proof errors, it will also pave the way for uniform, error-free and up-todate Urdu expressions. “We have carried out so far, 500 successful trials of this software,” he added. To a question, he said it took his team more than a year to design and prepare this software and in its preparation, almost all the major old and new dictionaries, books reference and research work on Urdu have been consulted. With regard to correction in Urdu diction, the designers and researchers’ team has taken guidance from Muqtadra Qaumi Zuban’s (National Language Promotion Department) seminar held in 1985 on Urdu diction, grammar and all its related fields and the recommendations of Committee on Urdu constituted in India in 1973-74. Islamabad: During the proceeding of sue motto notice on illegal marriage halls in Islamabad, Chief Justice has sought the record of appointment CDA chairman. A three member bench headed by Chief Justice has heard the case pertaining to illegal marriage halls. He directed to present the record that whether or not the cabinet gave the approval of the Islamabad electric supply company (IESCO) office had approved medical treatment application, after death of cancer patient. According to information ex-employee of said company, Fateh Muhammad was a patient of cancer, and admitted to hospital. IESCO denied approving his medical bills, due to which treatment of Fateh Muhammad stopped. Cancer patient remained unattended for one month, but after his death ironically company approved all medical bills. Brother of victim and employee of the same company Sultan Ahmad told that he left no stone unturned for the approval of medical bills of his brother, but in vain. Training course held for civil servants Our Correspondent HYDERABAD: The Sindh Civil Services and Local Government Academy, Tandojam organized three days training course titled Project Planning and Management in RuralAreas, held from 6th to 8th February, 2018 in the campus of theAcademy. The main objectives of the course were to introduce the participants regarding the project planning for Rural Development, to make the participants become aware of different forms necessary for Project Planning and Management, to enable the participants to learn about project cycle, to make them familiar about SPP Rules. CJP seeks the record of appointment of CDA Chairman appointment of CDA chairman. He said that competent persons should be at public places and there should be no nepotism and favourtism. To a question Chairman CDA said that his appointment has been made by the federal government. The court adjourned the hearing till Wednesday. HYDERABAD: Students showing their models in science exhibition at Pakistan pilot school.

Khaleda Zia jailed for five years in corruption case Violent protests as opposition leader is jailed in Bangladesh DHAKA: A judge in Bangladesh has convicted the opposition leader Khaleda Zia of corruption and sentenced her to five years in jail as police clashed with thousands of her supporters outside the court. The court found the former prime minister guilty of embezzling money meant for an orphanage, a charge she had consistently dismissed as politically motivated. Zia, leader of the Bangladesh Nationalist party (BNP), is expected to appeal against the verdict, but it may affect her ability to stand in a general election slated for December. She was immediately taken to a special jail in the old part of the city where she must remain until her lawyers file an appeal. “This is a false and staged case. No way will we accept this verdict,” the BNP secretary general, Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, said after the hearing. Zia’s lawyer, Khandkar Mahbub Hossain, said the ruling was “political vengeance” and would be overturned by a higher court. Violence erupted in major cities across Bangladesh at news of the guilty verdict, with BNP supporters clashing with police and activists from the ruling party. Police fired rubber bullets at demonstrators in the north-eastern city of Sylhet, a spokesman, Abdul Wahab, said. At least four people were injured in the clashes, he added. Police said they had ANKARA: Turkey and Russia agreed on Wednesday that their next three-way summit with Iran to discuss the conflict in Syria will be held in Istanbul, a Turkish presidential source said. The source said Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan arrested at least seven BNP officials in the port city of Chittagong, including the local head of the party, after opposition supporters scuffled with police. Before the hearing in Dhaka police fired teargas at thousands of opposition activists who defied heavy security to escort the car taking Zia to the magistrates court. The private television Leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran to discuss Syria in Istanbul Kenyan court convicts police officer for 2013 murder of suspected thief NAIROBI: A Kenyan court has convicted a policeman of murdering a suspected thief in 2013 in a rare victory for the independent police watchdog that brought the case, the Daily Nation newspaper reported. The judge ruled on Wednesday that policeman Titus Musila should have arrested Kenneth Mwangi, whom he believed had stolen a mobile phone, instead of shooting him three times in the head. He set Feb. 27 as the date for sentence. Musila earlier told the court he was innocent and was dedicated to fighting crime in Githurai, a poor neighborhood outside Nairobi, where he said a tough approach to theft is merited. Kenyan police frequently face accusations of brutality and extrajudicial killings from civilians and rights groups but officers are rarely charged and almost never convicted. Earthquake-hit Taiwan city still on edge as rescuers hunt survivors HUALIEN, Taiwan: Scores of aftershocks hampered rescue efforts on Thursday as emergency personnel combed through collapsed buildings in search of survivors after a powerful earthquake killed at least 10 people near Taiwan’s tourist city of Hualien. The coastal city was hit on Tuesday by a magnitude 6.4 quake just before midnight (11.00 a.m ET) that injured 270 people. Four buildings collapsed, officials said, and seven people were still missing. Rescuers stepped up efforts at one of the SEOUL: North Korea has no intention of meeting U.S. officials during the Winter Olympics that start in South Korea on Friday, state media reported, dampening hopes the Games will help resolve a tense standoff over the North’s nuclear weapons program. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who described North Korea as the world’s most tyrannical regime, arrived in South Korea on Thursday ahead of the opening ceremony in the mountain resort of Pyeongchang, just 80 km (50 miles) from the heavily armed border with the reclusive North. The ceremony will also be attended by a senior delegation of North Korean officials, including the younger sister of leader Kim Jong Un and the North’s nominal head of worst-hit structures, a 12-storey building that housed apartments and a small hotel, where authorities believe most of those still missing to have been, including several foreigners. Thick steel girders propped up the heavily leaning structure to keep it from collapsing further, with the lower floors having already caved in. “Everyone was surprised,” said Huang Chang Po, the 58-year-old owner of a unit in the building, built in 1994. and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin also agreed in a telephone call to speed up the establishment of military observation posts in Syria’s Idlib region, and discussed the humanitarian situation in eastern Ghouta, near Damascus. station Somoy said at least five police officers had been injured and two motorcycles torched during clashes that broke out several miles from the court. Authorities have for days been on high alert for protests in the tense city, where political demonstrations by Zia’s centre-right BNP and its Islamist allies in 2014 and 2015 left nearly 200 people dead. DHAKA: Zia’s supporters protest in Bangladesh. U.S. envoy relays Israeli de-escalation messages to Lebanon BEIRUT/JERUSALEM: A U.S. envoy has assured Lebanon that Israel does not seek an escalation between the countries following a surge in hostile rhetoric, Lebanese and Israeli officials said on Thursday. The neighbours have exchanged threats and condemnation over a border wall being constructed by Israel, a tender issued by Beirut for oil and gas exploration in disputed waters and arms flows to Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah group. Lebanese and Israeli officials said David Satterfield, acting assistant U.S. secretary of state, was in Israel last week and in Lebanon this week on a mediation mission. U.S. officials confirmed his travels without detailing his agenda. “He (Satterfield) held talks regarding the (border) wall with Israel and said there is no call for concern, and there is no direction towards escalation,” a senior Lebanese government official told Reuters on condition of anonymity. “He assured the Lebanese that Israel does not want escalation.” An Israeli official, who also declined to be named, said Satterfield was “relaying messages” to Beirut about several matters of contention. “Our position has always been that we do not want to see the situation inflamed,” the official said, adding that at least two European countries were mediating, as well as the United States. More than 100 pro-Assad forces killed in thwarted attack: U.S. official WASHINGTON/BEIR UT: More than 100 fighters aligned with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad were killed overnight when U.S. coalition and coalition-backed local forces repelled their attack in eastern Syria, a U.S. official said on Thursday. The heavy death toll underscored the large size of the attack, which the U.S. official said included about 500 opposing forces, backed by artillery, tanks, multiplelaunch rocket systems and mortars. The official spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity. In reports that appeared to confirm the official’s comments, Syrian state media said the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State had bombed progovernment forces east of the Euphrates river in Deir al-Zor province. One of the state TV outlets reported “dozens of dead and wounded”. No American troops were killed or wounded in the incident, officials said. Some U.S. troops had been embedded at the time with Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), whose headquarters in Syria’s Deir al-Zor province had been a target of the attack. One SDF fighter was wounded, official said. BEIRUT: Syrian government warplanes conducted air strikes against rebel-held eastern Ghouta on Thursday, killing 21 people and injuring 125 more, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based war monitoring group, reported. It said the warplanes pounded various parts of eastern Ghouta, a besieged pocket of satellite towns and farms located near the Syrian capital Damascus. There was no immediate comment from the Syrian army. HOLLYWOOD: Being one of the actors behind the Time’s Up initiative, Reese Witherspoon aims to end gender discrimination and imbalance in a work environment, reported Glamour. She has been very vocal about the harassment she’s experienced – both professionally and personally – also revealing that she was abused by a director at 16. The actor has now come forth to share another incident about leaving an abusive relationship. Published in the March issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, Witherspoon stated that she was verbally and psychologically abused for a very long time and leaving it helped her in life. The actor did not provide a lot of detail but according to her statements, it seems as if the person was torturing her mentally. She said, “I drew a line in the sand and it got crossed, and my brain just switched. I couldn’t go any further. I was really young, and it was profound. It changed who I was on a cellular level, the fact that I stood up for myself. It’s part of the reason I can stand up and say, ‘Yes, I’m ambitious.’ Because someone tried to take that from me.” Witherspoon has also at several times shared her two cents on female ambition. She garnered a lot of attention when she once claimed that “ambition is not a dirty Friday, February 9, 2018 International word.” In the magazine, the 41- year-old actor also added, “A Columbia University study found that people considered an ambitious woman more selfish and less worthy of being hired 5 Reese Witherspoon speaks up on her abusive relationship than an ambitious man. I thought, we need to start reframing this word ambition. Because it isn’t about being selfish; it’s about wanting to create more and do better for communities, schools, the world.” Tougher U.S. strategy brings Afghan gains, but peace or victory look remote state, Kim Yong Nam. The sister, Kim Yo Jong, and her entourage will travel by private jet to Seoul’s Incheon International Airport on Friday afternoon, North Korea informed the South. That delegation will have lunch with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Saturday. “We have never begged for dialogue with the U.S. nor in the future, too,” the LONDON: Prime Minister Theresa May’s government will not hold a second referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union, her spokesman said on Thursday after the billionaire George Soros donated money to stop Brexit. “There are many political and campaign groups in this country, that’s entirely right and as you would expect in a democracy,” the spokesman told North’s KCNA news agency reported, citing Jo Yong Sam, a director-general at North Korea’s foreign ministry. “Explicitly speaking, we have no intention to meet with the U.S. side during the stay in South Korea... Our delegation’s visit to South Korea is only to take part in the Olympics and hail its successful holding.” The United States had JALALABAD, Afghanistan: A more aggressive U.S. strategy in Afghanistan has put the Taliban on the back foot, soldiers and police say, but bloody recent attacks in Kabul show the insurgency remains potent and a prolonged stalemate looms. President Donald Trump in August unveiled a more hawkish military approach, including a surge in air strikes, aimed at forcing the Taliban to the negotiating table. While Afghan security forces say the impact has been significant, the Taliban still roam huge swathes of the country and, with foreign troop levels at about 15,000 compared with 140,000 in 2014, there appears little hope of outright military victory. “The American air strikes have broken their back,” said Nasrullah a soldier in Kunar province on the Pakistani border. “They don’t dare attack in large numbers because they know they’d all get killed. Without air support we’d be struggling.” The Taliban made gains after NATO withdrew most combat troops in late 2014. Two years later, they were threatening several district centers and even two provincial capitals including Kunduz, in the north, which was captured briefly. Britain will not hold a second EU vote after donation to stop Brexit: May's spokesman reporters. “The prime minister’s position on this matter is clear, the country voted to leave the European Union, that’s what we are going to deliver and there won’t be a second referendum.” Syrian govt warplanes kill 21, injure 125 in Eastern Ghouta: monitor North Korea says no U.S. talks planned at Olympics as Pence lands in Seoul not requested talks with North Korea, but Pence left open the possibility of some contact although his message for denuclearisation remained unchanged. Pence has said Washington would soon unveil “the toughest and most aggressive round of economic sanctions on North Korea ever” while South Korea wants to use the Olympics to re-engage with the North.

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