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The STEAMposium will also include a Tinker Fair in the gym, with the following booths: ROVER RENDEZVOUS: MARS ROVER SAMPLE RECOVERY MISSION Jupiter Joe’s Sidewalk Astronomy Participants will be challenged to utilize a robotic arm in order to execute a mock Mars Rover sample recovery mission in order to recover certain minerals and elements on the surface of Mars. SPEECH THERAPY Burke Rehabilitation Center Students will learn about the methods and strategies of speech therapy. FASHION ILLUSTRATION AND DRAPING The Fashion Art Studio Students will draw a fashion figure. WARM- AND COLD-BLOODED ANIMALS Greenburgh Nature Center Using an infrared thermometer, students will examine the varying temperatures of warm- and cold-blooded (live!) animals, exploring what it means to be warm/cold blooded. MATHTASTIC GAMES! Mathnasium of Scarsdale Students will have the opportunity to play the following games: • 10 Slam, developing student skills in recall, speed, and accuracy • Number Detective, developing student skills in observation and problem solving • Sticky Note Number Fraction Line, developing student skills in sequencing and defining order/size • Magic Plus, developing student skills in problem solving and teamwork. SLIMY GOLD RUSH White Plains High School Students will create gold, bouncy slime. MAKEY MAKEY AND POKEMON GO! Chaim Jaskoll, Schechter Westchester Parent Younger students will learn Makey Makey, and older students will learn Pokemon Go in Tableau. SEWING IN THE NEXT DIMENSION Sew Happy Take a one-dimensional object and sew it into a 3D object. FUN WITH KEN-KEN Robert Fuhrer

Learn how to solve KenKen logic and math puzzles. THE WORLD OF MICROBES AROUND US! BASF, the largest chemical company in the world Students will examine petri dishes with different surfaces collected via swab from around the house and parts of the body. They will learn how bacteria grow on the plates and that each dot on the petri dish represents one single cell that was taken from the environment and grew to become visible. Students will observe which surfaces have more microbes and make hypotheses about why they think this might be the case. ROBOTICS: SENSE, THINK, ACT! MacInspires Experience and build your own robots! Combine different parts to make them sense the world around them, light up and move! MacInspires instructors inspire with robot challenges and awesome examples. KITCHEN CONCOCTIONS Nicole Porco, Fordham University Department of Chemistry Chemical reactions are all around us, and some very useful ones exist right in your kitchen. Learn about common acid-base reactions and polymers is this colorful and explosive workshop!

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