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ACC 6 Enterprise Datasheet

Image Panel & Camera

Image Panel & Camera Commands Command Select an image panel Image panel # is displayed after pressing the first key. Add a camera to the View The camera's logical ID is required. Select the next image panel Select the previous image panel Clear image panel selection Remove camera from the selected image panel Key Combination * + + Enter / + + Enter Tab Shift + Tab * + 0 + Enter Backspace Keypad Combination (Image Panel buttons) + + + + + 0 + Maximize/Restore the selected image panel Ctrl + E Replay 30 seconds Ctrl + , Replay 60 seconds Ctrl + . Replay 90 seconds Ctrl + / Add a bookmark for selected camera NOTE: For recorded video only. Start/Stop manual recording for the selected camera Ctrl + B R Activate/Mute audio for the selected camera A Broadcast audio Take a snapshot of the selected image panel S Hold to speak. Release to stop broadcasting. F4 Hold to speak. Release to stop broadcasting. Image Panel & Camera Commands 144

Command Display linked POS transaction source/camera Key Combination Ctrl + I Keypad Combination (Image Panel buttons) Enable digital output K Acknowledge the alarm currently displayed in an armed image panel Trigger custom keyboard command L Ctrl + K View Tab Commands Command Key Combination Keypad Combination (View buttons) Select the next View Select the previous View Ctrl + Tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab Jump to View #_ Ctrl + 1 to 9 Start/Stop cycle Views Ctrl + Y Open a new View Ctrl + T Close current View Ctrl + W Open a new window Ctrl + N Switch current View to display live video Ctrl + L Switch current View to display recorded video Remove all cameras from the current View Ctrl + P Ctrl + Backspace Full screen a View/End full screen F11 Open a saved View The saved View's logical ID is required. Open a Virtual Matrix monitor The Virtual Matrix monitor's logical ID is required. Ctrl + G + + + Ctrl + G + + + View Tab Commands 145

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