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ACC 6 Enterprise Datasheet

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Table of Contents What is the Avigilon Control Center Client? 1 System Requirements 1 Updating the Help Files 1 For More Information 2 The Avigilon Training Center 2 Support 2 Upgrades 2 Feedback 2 Getting Started 3 Starting Up and Shutting Down 3 Starting Up the Client Software 3 Shutting Down the Client Software 3 Logging In to and Out of a Site 3 Logging In 4 Logging Out 4 Changing the Administrator Password 5 Navigating the Client 5 Application Window Features 6 System Explorer Icons 7 Adding and Removing Cameras in a View 7 Adding a Camera to a View 7 Removing a Camera from a View 8 Viewing Live and Recorded Video 8 Accessing the Setup Tab 8 System Administration 10 Sites and Servers 10 Discovering Sites 10 Sharing Discovered Sites Between Users 11 Managing Site Logs 11 Managing User Connections 12 Monitoring Site Health 12 Site Settings 13 Naming a Site 14 Editing the Site View 14 Corporate Hierarchy 15 iii

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