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ACC 6 Enterprise Datasheet

Compression and Image

Compression and Image Rate 59 Enabling Idle Scene Mode 60 Manually Adjusting Recorded Video Streams 61 Image Dimensions 62 Motion Detection 63 Setting Up Pixel Motion Detection 63 Setting Up Classified Object Motion Detection 64 Self-Learning Video Analytics 66 Configuring Video Analytics Cameras 66 Configuring Video Analytics Appliances 67 Self-Learning 68 What is Self-Learning? 68 Enabling Self-Learning 69 Teach By Example 69 Assigning Teach Markers 70 Managing Teach Markers 71 Applying Teach Markers to the Device 71 Removing Teach Markers from the Device 71 Video Analytics Events 72 Adding Video Analytics Events 72 Editing and Deleting Video Analytics Events 73 Privacy Zones 73 Adding a Privacy Zone 74 Editing and Deleting a Privacy Zone 74 Manual Recording 74 Digital Inputs and Outputs 75 Setting Up Digital Inputs 75 Setting Up Digital Outputs 75 Microphone 76 Speaker 76 Client Settings 78 General Settings 78 Video Display Settings 79 Displaying Analog Video in Deinterlaced Mode 79 Displaying Logical IDs 79 Displaying Image Overlays 79 Changing Display Quality 80 Joystick Settings 81 vi

Configuring an Avigilon USB Professional Joystick Keyboard For Left-Hand Use 81 Configuring a Standard USB Joystick 81 Discovering Sites 82 Organizing Views 83 Adding and Removing a View 83 View Layouts 83 Selecting a Layout for a View 83 Editing a View Layout 84 Making a View Full Screen 85 Ending Full Screen Mode 85 Cycling Through Views 85 Saved Views 85 Saving a New View 85 Opening a Saved View 86 Editing a Saved View 86 Renaming a Saved View 86 Deleting a Saved View 86 Collaborating 86 Sharing a View 86 Leaving a Shared View 87 Virtual Matrix 87 Controlling Virtual Matrix Monitors 87 Editing Virtual Matrix Monitors 87 Monitoring Video 89 Zooming and Panning in a Video 89 Using the Zoom Tools 89 Using the Pan Tools 89 Maximizing and Restoring an Image Panel 89 Maximizing an Image Panel 89 Restoring an Image Panel 90 Making Image Panel Display Adjustments 90 Listening to Audio in a View 90 Triggering Custom Keyboard Commands 91 Controlling Live Video 91 Broadcasting Audio in a View 91 Using Instant Replay 91 PTZ Cameras 92 vii

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