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Amistad On the GO! is an

Amistad On the GO! is an interactive print and digital educational program that works in partnership with teachers servicing students from 6 th to 12 th grade to provide comprehensive lessons on the history of African Americans in the United States. Amistad On the GO! Toolkits include detailed curricula, student activities, and access to online resources all of which focus on the study of primary sources in and outside of the classroom. The Amistad On the GO! program also includes thematic traveling exhibitions and in-service training for teachers. 2017 © Amistad Research Center, New Orleans, LA The Amistad On the GO! interactive print and digital educational program was made possible by a generous contribution from the Sherry and Alan Leventhal Family Foundation

About the Unit The following lesson plans are divided into the lives of those who were enslaved and those who were free during the slavery and antebellum period. Lesson 1: The Roots of African Americans Lesson 2: Slave Trade in Africa Lesson 3: Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Lesson 4: Chattel Slavery Lesson 5: Rebellion Lesson 6: Free People of Color Lesson 7: Abolition SLAVERY & ABOLITION CURRICULUM GUIDE 3

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establish establish establish establish
Politics and Political Change 1815-1832
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23-27 Modern-day Slavery:Master Galley - Plain Truth Ministries
Lesson 14:Thomas Peters A Remarkable Man
“White Over Black”: Thesis on the origins of uniquely black slavery in ...