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Specialists in COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL Property Management What We Do Regardless of your organization’s size or the complexity of your situation, Librett Real Estate Group’s professional staff is ready to provide you efficient, reliable management. Librett Real Estate Group offers various consulting services, as follows: As co-ops & condominiums experience transitions to a new management company, the Board of Directors are put in the precarious position of assuming the responsibility of this transition. LREG offers consulting services for the purpose of assisting the Board in the role of acting as a liaison between the two management companies, to ensure that the transition is smooth and handled properly and in a timely manner. This is a critical period. 72 East Main Street | Phone: 914.636.6100 | Fax: 914.636.6107 |

Specialists in COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL Property Management Librett Real Estate Group also offers consulting services for newly appointed Board members, as well as services to assist in a transition period where the entire Board of Directors has been replced. Although a position on a Board of Directors is admirable and voluntary, many Board members find themselves in a position of inexperience. ie; The position of Treasurer. LREG is there to help! Upcoming Capital Improvement projects: Your property is about to embark on a major, costly project. Perhaps the Board and Management Company assumes that they can handle it on their own or perhaps there is an Engineer involved with the project. Once again, the Board assumes the position of the responsibility for the project. This is where LREG comes in, to act as a liaison between the engineer, the Board and management company: A. Immediately interacting with contractor, the engineer if engaged, and the Board of Directors. B. Offering an on-site presence throughout the project C. Issuing a weekly progress report to the Board of Directors D. Interacting with the residents from scheduling, notifications, inspections of units, if interiors are involved, and final inspections once the project is completed. Where window and terrace door replacements are involved, this process is critical. With any project, the Board is always informed that there may be “extras” involved. In most cases, the “extras” amount to a significant expense. LREG ensures that the extras are “valid” and necessary, acting as the eyes and ears of the Board. 72 East Main Street | Phone: 914.636.6100 | Fax: 914.636.6107 |

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