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Rezora Marketing Guide

First Things First Brand

First Things First Brand Compliance Across Platforms When an organization collaborates on a content hub that streamlines brand-compliant materials, templates, and contacts to all of these outlets from one point efficiency is optimized. Relevant and interested parties are reached quickly and easily, and it frees up time for other projects. That means more time to study analytics and more time to hone marketing and sales strategies. Email Marketing Applications as The Hub FACEBOOK EMAIL Leveraging email marketing assets as the hub for an organization’s broader digital marketing strategy allows marketing teams to work from the most important digital landscape, and move to other platforms as needed. PRINT CONTENT HUB LISTINGS RETARGETING TWITTER Take a risk and keep testing, because what works today won’t work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again. Amrita Sahasrabudhe Book 2 of 3 11

From the Top Down The Abundance of Marketing Channels Leveraging Collaboration Marketing within all digital marketing platforms (in addition to print) puts brands in control of message, sales agents in control of reach, and marketers in a position to do their job with greater efficiency. Obviously, the highest type of efficiency is that which can use existing material to the best advantage. Jawaharlal Nehru A Multi-Tier Hub Acts as a Springboard When every tier in an organization participates in managing their part of a content hub, reaching out to clients and studying analytics is easy and the company’s bottom line will reap the benefits. Instead of relating separately with numerous existing platforms that are available, teams and agents can relate with one platform as the basis for reaching out to key audiences without redundancy and inconsistency. The results are powerful. The Results are Powerful Organizations should consistently reach their target audiences. Teams and agents can relate with one platform as the basis for reaching out to key audiences without redundancy and inconsistency. Book 2 of 3 12

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