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Rezora Marketing Guide

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Sales and Marketing Narrative Agent Don Let’s head back to the story of Don and Doreen to explain in greater detail this concept of one comprehensive platform for simultaneously managing the needs of marketers, agents, and the brand. Don has just made the decision to ramp up the marketing efforts to his clients in the winter season when there is a lull in his business. He seeks help from Doreen who enthusiastically informs him that they’ve recently made an acquisition of new marketing software. This software, she explains, will enable Don and others to make a significant impact in their marketing efforts without a great deal of effort. Don, always seeking to reduce his amount of desk time, is intrigued. Doreen, happy that she has piqued the interest of Don, invites him to sit down for a quick tutorial. Marketer Doreen She asks Don to provide some detail about what he’d like to do to promote his business over the next few months. He shares a very comprehensive plan based on all the articles he’s been reading about digital marketing and other ways to successfully grow his client base. Don has recently hired a media company to write a few articles and blog posts on the local real estate market, as well as the cultural scene of South Beach Miami, and he’d like to design a few ads in the area’s newspapers. Book 2 of 3 19

Don’s Three Month Plan Don’s Comprehensive Marketing Plan Five Steps 1 Engage in more social media interactions to build his reputation as a thought leader while potentially increasing referrals. He’d prefer daily posts to his main social media apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, but he’d also like to try some newer exchanges if there is time, such as Instagram. 2 3 4 5 More frequent email marketing pieces so as to stay topof-mind with clients, rather than just the Open House Invitations and New Market Listings that tend to be less consistent. Create commentary from local monthly market reports of areas his clients are typically interested in, and possibly include other areas for vacation spots and second homes. Write his own as well as sharing blog posts of his real estate knowledge on a consistent basis, and include them in other areas where his clients have access. Quarterly ads in local newspapers focusing on what he can do for clients. Book 2 of 3 20

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