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Rezora Marketing Guide

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Doreen’s Solutions Answering Don’s Question “Yes,” Doreen says emphatically.”Our new software works with a few vendors in this arena, but the software also provides an avenue for other applications to be integrated through something called an API (Application Program Interface) key. There’s some additional work to get it started, but after the integration, your app will always be at the ready.” Element Optimization Images and videos will have different requirements based on whether the marketing piece is used as a physical print ad versus a digital ad. The application ensures that the elements that make up the intended marketing piece are optimal. Structural Flexibility Since marketing pieces may vary in size depending on their eventual placement or distribution, templates are designed with these size specifications and content needs in mind. For example, a digital ad placement will have a different structure and appropriate content placement than an email marketing piece. Book 2 of 3 23

Doreen’s Solutions The Shared Repository For all templates, the software has created a repository to store images such as logos or property photos, as well as documents to conveniently include in a template or access from a link. Don is thrilled with this prospect, and asks about the photos that Doreen’s photographer took of the recent condo development. The ideal top down structure of an effective digital marketing stragety and system BRAND MATERIALS COMPANY TEMPLATES AGENT MATERIALS & TEMPLATES CONTENT HUB DIGITAL CHANNELS Instant Access Doreen happily responds that she can make her company marketing account repository available to any and all agents. Gone are the days of the incessant requests from agents for this or that photo, and the hours of following up on individual requests. Access is instantaneous within the platform. Book 2 of 3 24

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