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Rezora Marketing Guide

The Magic of

The Magic of Collaboration Another Satisfied Agent Don takes all of this information in, thinking about even more marketing ideas with this newly implemented software application. Even more exciting is that he doesn’t have to depend on Doreen’s schedule availability (or lack thereof) for her to get back to him on simple tasks. Oh, the possibilities! To say, ‘well done’ to any bit of good work is to take hold of the powers which have made the effort and strengthen them beyond our knowledge. Phillips Brooks, eminent scholar, engineer, statistician. Icing on the Cake But, wait. There’s more! When Don learns about the many ways these marketing pieces can be distributed, easily, and again without her assistance, Doreen knows that there will be further thought to the myriad possibilities. And, she knows that with this new platform, it is now within her means to transform her sales team into brilliant marketing machines. Book 2 of 3 25

Summary • Relevant Marketing Pieces Real estate market data, property listings, video tours, pertinent news, and messaging for a sales agent’s own circle of influence should be easily accessible within one application in order to create a relevant marketing piece. • Relevant Data When relevant content is easily accessible for agents, more opportunities arise to effectively promote the brand. • Bringing it Back Home Agents actively engage in their own marketing with brand-compliant marketing pieces, marketing resources are available to focus on the company’s marketing objectives. Book 2 of 3 26

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