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Rezora Marketing Guide

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Introduction New Technology Marketers engaging in the important tasks of brand awareness and supporting independent sales teams with overflowing lead funnels have an abundance of technology at their disposal that promise overall success with the bottom line. With the rise of digital marketing technology, there is a great deal for marketers to be excited about as there are now ways to quantify, identify, and prove how and where marketing efforts can create strong leads that translate into good sales. However, with all the growth in technology that supports marketing efforts and access to data, there is a downside. Oftentimes, the incredible amount of technology exceeds the ability to manage and use it effectively. Now more than ever companies have the capability to not only spread their brand message across many channels, but with that ability, there is a need to spend time learning, relearning, and executing on what has been learned, as well as training sales teams on what is available in the rich world of promotional technology. The Details The information provided below offers a way out or at least a way through these challenges with ease. Thankfully, there are professionals with the knowledge they’ve gleaned through many years of experience thinking about this very challenge for marketers. The good news is that there is technology that enables marketers to manage the influx of marketing applications, organize and rein in the plethora of comprehensive distribution channels. This new technology not only offers promises of effective management of these same channels, but creates platforms that allow for the subtle balance of protecting and promoting brand messaging. This also allows independent sales agents, and other departments the ability to respond uniquely to their own niche markets’ needs and requirements. This presents the subtle irony of having more at your disposal, offering ways to stay ahead of the marketing game, and creating more efficiency. It ultimately results in the need for more resources to tackle everything efficiently. What’s a marketer to do? Does one throw in the niche-specific separate real estate applications for one’s industry, and the management and execution? It becomes a serious conundrum as to how to manage it all. The good news is that there is technology that enables marketers to manage the influx of marketing applications. Book 2 of 3 1

Introduction (continued) Part Two The Successful Marketer’s Guide to Releasing the Marketing Genius in Your Sales Force (the 2nd in a 3-part series) explains how to capitalize on digital marketing channels within a large sales force. We will discuss the specific ways to achieve this balance, and what to look for in software applications. Beginning with a summary of the concept of Collaboration Marketing proposed in the first eBook, The Successful Marketer’s Guide to Collaboration Marketing, this 2nd part in the series will tackle the ways to compartmentalize all the digital marketing channels with organization and efficiency. In other words, utilizing the appropriate technology, a marketer can leverage their independent sales teams’ constituencies to spread the company’s brand messaging far and wide without acquiring additional departmental resources or taking up too much of your valuable time. Sound too good to be true? Read on. We’re here to say it’s entirely possible. With a bit of education, effort, and visionary insight, there is a way. Part Two The second part, Diverse Real Estate Applications, addresses niche-specific applications, namely real estate, and ways to incorporate these applications within an overall hub allowing marketers the ability to oversee brand messaging and compliance that their independent sales agents can access. The last section, Bringing Digital Channels Together For Distribution, discusses how one comprehensive platform enables all departmental levels, from the overall brand, to the independent sales agents, to have oversight in all areas of concept, execution, and distribution; and, importantly, doing all of this while maintaining the privacy of an independent sales agent’s database. Excited yet? Let’s Get Started The information provided below offers a way out. We’ve organized this eBook into three parts after summarizing the concept of Collaboration Marketing as explained in detail in the first eBook. The first part, Reining in Digital Marketing Channels for Powerful Collaboration Marketing, addresses how technology can help you gain control over your digital marketing channels, thereby simplifying the work of creating brand-compliant content for each channel. Book 2 of 3 2

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