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Behavioral Retargeting

Behavioral Retargeting The Specifics Surely you’ve heard of all the marketing tools that promise great returns. Maybe you’ve even seen some of your colleague’s ads show up as you browse the web. Now you’re wondering how you can take advantage of an up and coming concept called Retargeting. Behavioral retargeting (also known as behavioral remarketing) is a form of online targeted advertising by which online advertising is targeted to consumers based on their previous internet actions. Retargeting tags online users by including a pixel within the target webpage or email, which sets a cookie in the user’s browser. Once the cookie is set, the advertiser is able to show display ads to that particular user elsewhere on the internet via an ad exchange. Overall Impressions This means that every time someone searches for a specific item for purchase, a cookie is set and web ads reflect that initial search. This is a key practice that increases visibility and sales overall. When potential clients are repeatedly reminded of what they are looking for, they are more likely to put their money where their mouse is and make a purchase. “The internet has turned what used to be a controlled one way message into a real time dialogue with millions.” Danielle Sacks, award-winning journalist Book 2 of 3 29

Adobe conducted a study in 2013 about marketers in which 76% of respondents believed that marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the last 50. But, only 9% believed that their digital marketing is working. According to a survey conducted by AdWeek, almost half of those surveyed agreed that analytics skills will become a core competence in marketing within the near future. Easy access to analytics means a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t in your targeted marketing efforts. When this information is available to an entire sales or marketing team, members can more easily understand the effectiveness of their work. Comprehensive analytic information ideally should be available every time a marketing piece is published. “Users who are retargeted to are 70% more likely to convert.” Hubspot Book 2 of 3 30

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