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Rezora Marketing Guide

Ease and Simplicity Why

Ease and Simplicity Why do Marketers Stress Out? The answer is that most marketing professionals within large organizations feel powerless to create effective brand-compliant content. The managers and executives may understand the brand, but sales agents are chiefly concerned with their bottom line which leaves everyone scrambling for a compromise and a solution to the problem of company-wide miscommunication. Putting a Platform to Work When digital marketing does work, it is because there is a multi-tier collaboration happening. When the top brass in any organization are able to delineate and institute brand-compliant practices, agents and marketers can quickly and easily collaborate to conceive of methods that create consistent materials for the public. Drawing upon a general, company-wide content hub is the ultimate method for generating uniform marketing materials. Empowering Your Team Individuals within organizations are empowered to create their own brand-compliant marketing pieces with content that is nichespecific, addressing their specific audience, the company as a whole will see the benefits. A single platform that combines a content hub, simple template creation, and analytic tools provides the ultimate solution for businesses that have a wide diversity of skills, ideals, and priorities. Book 2 of 3 31

Conclusion • System Confidence Simplicity is key in a true collaboration marketing platform to give sales agents the confidence to utilize the system. • Readily Accessible New and successful digital marketing channels should be inclusive and readily accessible within your Collaboration Marketing platform. • Shared Resources Agents actively engage in their own marketing with brand-compliant marketing pieces, marketing resources are available to focus on the company’s marketing objectives. Book 2 of 3 32

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