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Rezora Marketing Guide

1 The Successful

1 The Successful Marketer’s Guide to Collaboration Marketing A Review of the Principles of True Collaboration Marketing and Its Capabilities

Collaboration Marketing A Summary Harmonizing Sales and Marketing In the first eBook in the 3-book series, we introduced the concept of Collaboration Marketing. You will recall that Collaboration Marketing is a strategy to harmonize marketing and sales teams to effect a greater increase in the bottom line. The idea behind this is to help orchestrate, navigate, and engage independent sales teams while at the same time managing important marketing channels. It doesn’t have to be a struggle! Brand Protection An important aspect of Collaboration Marketing is supporting brand compliance throughout an organization, especially among sales teams that may independently manage and market to their own client base. Collaboration Marketing involves the process of leveraging your brand across all suitable digital marketing channels in ways that don’t drain marketing resources. Building an effective and successful strategy for promoting your brand and supporting the marketing efforts of sales agents. Book 2 of 3 4

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