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Rezora Marketing Guide

Bringing it all Together

Bringing it all Together When partnering with independent sales teams, building this type of strategy also involves encouraging and building trust between your independent sales agents and marketing teams. When there is trust, a company can bring all of its marketing aspects together to benefit both agents’ efforts and overall brand promotion. Creating a multi-tiered content hub that combines brand content, contacts, and distribution methods, the work of brand promotion and compliance becomes easier for everyone involved. True Collaboration Marketing has the capability to produce results that are greater than anyone can accomplish alone. rezora Central Marketing Hub A central marketing hub is a great place to start, and if robust in scope, it can match up the appropriate departments within an organization in order for the harmonious marketing strategies and campaigns to be executed. Approved content that is brand compliant and consistent can be used to quickly and beautifully to execute those campaigns. A marketer’s worst nightmare is a brand’s misrepresentation in the marketplace, eroding the brand’s reputation on a large scale. This can take the form of a rogue customer service department’s script or a sales agent’s social media post. Book 2 of 3 5

A Marketer’s Conundrum Let us reflect back on the situation from the first eBook between marketer Doreen and sales agent Don, a typical scenario in most real estate organizations. Doreen was tasked with revamping Don’s new email marketing design while attempting to remain brandcompliant, uploading contacts for a marketing piece promoting a recent condominium development, and bringing new teammembers up to speed. Frustrated with these time-consuming challenges, Doreen sought a simple solution to the problem. How should she consolidate these monumental tasks and handle this marketing problem quickly and effectively so that she can focus on her ever-growing to-do list? The Solution The solution is a Collaboration Marketing system that utilizes a comprehensive, organization-wide content hub with a multitier structure that seamlessly allows for the production and distribution of fresh, relevant content across a multitude of marketing channels. Book 2 of 3 When Doreen and her team are able to create, access, manage consistent design elements, templates, images, fresh content and contact lists, everybody wins. Don is able to maintain the security of his contacts database and use his new design while Doreen and her team can quickly and effectively create marketing pieces that are brandcompliant without being exposed to sensitive contact information. 6 Elements Come Together Top tiers of an organization can contribute to the content hub, providing images and templates that can be used company-wide, while marketers can use these elements to quickly and effectively create pieces that reach targeted consumers and collect data on the effectiveness of a given piece.

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