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Lakeside Community Church Annual Report

For the year 2017


NOMINATING COMMITTEE SLATE 2018 Submitted by: Cindy Ursulak (Chair), Wendy Goldman, Naida Carlson, Noreen Schulte, Kris DeVeer, Harry Van Woerden, Ken Dryden (ex officio) SLATE OF NOMINATIONS: Head Teller: Howard DeVeer Financial Tellers: Robin Wiens Wendy Goldman Harry Van Woerden Heather Cook Kevin New Stewards: Church Care: Heather Cook Communion: Charlie & Dayle Lepp Property and Facilities Committee: Howard deVeer Quinton Lindgren Board Member Governance Board Members: 2021 Noreen Schulte* 2019 Robin Wiens* 2020 Patti New* 2021 Garry Cook* 2019 Jayson Ursulak* 2021 Carrie Steinwand* Notes: *1st term **2nd term Nominating Committee: 2020 Harry VanWoerden 2020 Kris DeVeer 2019 Naida Carlson 2021 2021 2021 ex officio: Ken Dryden

“I love Lakeside because I felt at home here from my very first Sunday not quite 4 years ago. We may be small, but we have people who are mighty in prayer, abounding in practical acts of love, and passionate for truth. We have people who are struggling and unsure of their commitment, but they are loved and welcomed. We have loud, spontaneous people and quiet, deliberate people. We have ministry leaders who pour themselves into service. We have a firm foundation and are building on it in growing layers of faith. I love Lakeside because you are my family.” ~ N O R E E N S C H U L T E “My time at Lakeside has been an incredible learning experience. I have always been a part of a larger church congregation, and my eyes have been opened to the intensity and love required for a church to exist. I have learned that the power of individual congregants contributing their time, finances, and passion to make a smaller community operate is a remarkably beautiful thing. I have learned that the value of one member of a small church is incomparable and invaluable. I have been changed by witnessing this passion and contribution to the church, and as I enter into my future I will actively participate in whichever church community I will find myself in. I see that I can make a difference in my world by getting involved!” ~ A D A M K O N I N G

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