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THE HO EXECUTIVE CLUB. The HO Executive club is synonymous with world-class adult entertainment for affluent fun adults seeking an upscale party-like environment, cozy hospitality, great food, great drinks, and overall a great time, surrounded by the most beautiful and eager-to-please ladies in the world. The HO Executive Club exudes a modern ethnic flow enhanced with private seating areas offering bottle service. THE SEXUAL ENHANCEMENT AND WELLNESS CLINIC. The Chicken Ranch Brothel & Resort will offer noninvasive sexual enhancement and wellness therapy. THE CIGAR LOUNGE. Guests can also enjoy premium handmade cigars in a dedicated comfy-chair lounge with other aficionados. THE GASTRONOMY. Patrons of the Chicken Ranch will enjoy an exceptional culinary adventure, with the choice of a 24-hour topless diner, all-you-can-eat buffet and personalized food service. THE WINE CELLAR. Wine is regarded as one of the highest levels of passion at the Chicken Ranch. We intend to stock in our wine cellar a large selection of select wines for a memorable wine experience. Also, unfinished bottles of wine and liquors will be stored in private Guest Boxes for later use or next visit. 8

THE TRANSPORTATION. The Chicken Ranch will provide the opportunity for our VIP guests to travel in a luxury helicopter or private limousine from/to Las Vegas. THE STAFF. In our world of hospitality, the customer truly comes first. Nothing is as important as treating our customers as we would wish to be treated. Every executive and staff member will be thoroughly and continuously trained to anticipate and remove all obstacles to our guest’s pleasure experience. They are trained to be friendly, fun, interactive and to always give 5-star hospitality and impeccable service to our guests. THE LADIES. Beautiful and eager-to-please ladies who are trained in the erotic art of pampering and accommodating our guests. They are the best of the best in every sense…... COMET GET IT!! 9

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