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THE CHICKEN RANCH RESORT & BROTHEL THE RESORT. The Chicken Ranch Resort & Brothel is different than any other in Nevada or in the world. Every part of this adult resort will take patrons back to the excitement, indulgence and pleasures of being happy and free, from the ultimate accommodations, 24-hour diner, Las Vegas style buffet, pleasure themed rooms, to live entertainment. But most of all, Solid Gold International is bringing a 5-star level of customer service to the adult hospitality industry. All this combined, will make the Chicken Ranch Resort & Brothel the destination of choice for affluent travelers worldwide, and a magnet to attract tourists from Las Vegas, including locals looking for the ultimate in adult fun. THE ACCOMODATIONS. When the property is remodeled with the additions of new amenities and refurbishing, the Chicken Ranch will feature a lavishly appointed Presidential suite, deluxe rooms, and themed pleasure rooms. THE RANCH POOL CLUB. The pool area will be redesigned to include towering palm trees, themed bar, and an all-day buffet to enjoy while taking in the female scenery or soaking in some rays. After dark, the Ranch Pool Club turns into a pulsating fun and sensual destination, where guests can party and indulge their hedonistic fantasies all night long. Our beautiful bottle servers will make sure to cater to your every request. 6


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