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AviTrader Weekly News 2018-01-15

AviTrader Weekly News 2018-01-15


YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION The Leveraged Finance Group is a direct lending platform offering finance solutions to airlines, aircraft lessors and financial investors by providing mezzanine and senior/unitranche loans. To serve the widest possible market segment, we will go to higher LTVs than traditional sources of aircraft financing, on a broad array of collateral types. Importantly, owing to the extensive technical capabilities of GA Telesis, we are asset focused, with an important but secondary reliance on borrower credit. |

WEEKLY AVIATION HEADLINES 5 AIRCRAFT & ENGINE NEWS First BelugaXL transporter rolls off assembly line MSN 29217 was performed at HAECO Xiamen in China, and conversion of MSN 27260 was performed in AMECO’s Chengdu base. International aircraft leasing company Avolon issues update for 2017 fourth quarter Avolon, the international aircraft leasing company, has issued an update for the 2017 fourth quarter. The aircraft leasing company delivered 45 new aircraft and sold 44 owned and managed aircraft in the fourth quarter 2017. The company completed the US$10.4bn acquisition and integration of CIT’s aircraft leasing business. Avolon has increased its owned, managed and committed fleet by 109% to 908 aircraft and has raised US$14.9bn of new capital in the fourth quarter 2017. TrueNoord closes sale-and-leaseback with Air Astana for Embraer E190 aircraft TrueNoord, the regional aircraft lessor, has concluded the increase of an existing term financing facility with DVB bank for the purchase of a 2012 vintage Embraer E190 aircraft from Air Astana, which will continue to be operated by the airline under the terms of a sale-andleaseback transaction. This aircraft increases TrueNoord’s Embraer portfolio to seven globally operated E190s, with further acquisitions to be announced shortly. TrueNoord’s focused on-going development strategy for its regional aircraft fleet under lease, is supported by investments from private equity firms Bregal Freshstream, BlackRock and Aberdeen Asset Management. Dubai Aerospace Enterprise reports 2017 key strategic and operational highlights Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) has released that it has completed the acquisition of AWAS, catapulting DAE into the top tier of global lessors. The company launched its inaugural ABS ‘Falcon 2017-1’ in February 2017 and sold the E notes to sophisticated US capital market investors. DAE has issued its inaugural US$2.3bn benchmark bond in the US capital markets. The company has also purchased a portfolio of 14 ATR72-600 aircraft from GECAS, further solidifying DAE’s position as one of the leading lessors in the ATR space. DAE said that the number of aircraft purchased came to 25, the number of leasing transactions to 78. The The first structurally complete airframe for the new BelugaXL rolled out from its assembly hangar in Toulouse, France Photo: Airbus The first structurally complete airframe for the new BelugaXL rolled out from its assembly hangar in Toulouse, France this month. Once operational, a fleet of these next-generation airlifters will be used to transport completed sections of Airbus aircraft among the company’s European production sites and to its final assembly lines in France, Germany and Spain. The BelugaXL is one of the most voluminous aircraft in existence, and everything about it speaks to that fact. With a bulging upper forward fuselage and enormous cargo area, the BelugaXL is hardly recognizable as the outsized airlifter version of the Airbus A330-200 jetliner from which it is derived. “We have the A330 as a foundation,” said Bertrand George, head of the BelugaXL program, “but many changes have been successfully designed, introduced into the aircraft and tested. Transforming an existing product into a super transporter is not a simple task.” This initial BelugaXL is expected to be flying by mid-2018. number of owned, managed and committed aircraft in its fleet came to 383 while the number of customers rose to 109, in 55 countries. The average age of its owned fleet came to 5.7 years and the average lease term remaining on its own fleet was 6.1 year. Falko adds 10 ATR72-500 aircraft to portfolio Falko Regional Aircraft (Falko), an aircraft operating, leasing, and asset management company focused on the regional aircraft sector, has added ten ATR 72-500 aircraft to its portfolio. The aircraft will be operated by PT Wings Abadi, the regional airline part of the Lion Air Group (Lion) in Indonesia. “We are delighted to have completed this deal which marks a significant expansion in our ATR manufactured turboprop portfolio,” said Mark Hughes, Chief Commercial Officer, Falko Regional Aircraft Limited. “We are very pleased to add Lion to our lessee portfolio as Lion is one of Asia’s fastest growing airlines and one of the world’s largest ATR operators.” Boeing unveils new unmanned cargo air vehicle prototype Boeing has unveiled a new unmanned electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (eVTOL) cargo air vehicle (CAV) prototype, that will be used to test and evolve Boeing’s autonomy technology for future aerospace vehicles. It is designed to transport a payload up to 500 pounds for possible future cargo and logistics applications. In less than three months, a team of engineers and technicians across the company designed and built the CAV prototype. It successfully completed initial flight tests at Boeing Research & Technology’s Collaborative Autonomous Systems Laboratory in Missouri. Boeing researchers will use the prototype as a flying test bed to mature the

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