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AviTrader MRO Magazine 2018-01

AviTrader MRO Magazine 2018-01

Information Technology

Information Technology 12 Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation has selected AMOS (Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering System) to support the certification process for its new MRJ90 Regional Jet. Although AMOS has been developed for airline maintenance departments and MRO companies, the high configurability of the system means that it can be configured to manage the unique pre-production certification requirements. AMOS will be used to manage and support the flight-testing process in the U.S., taking place at the Moses Lake flight test centre. With the implementation of AMOS at Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, the company expects to further streamline its flight testing and certification process of the MRJ90, helping to bring this next-generation aircraft into operation as efficiently as possible. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) board of directors has approved IAI’s CEO and President, Joseph Weiss’ proposal to implement a structural transformation. The main initiative implemented under the transformation is the establishment of a single aviation group for all IAI’s aviation businesses. Currently, IAI is structured in six independent groups, each with a turnover of several hundreds of millions of dollars. The new group will focus on four business lines: aircraft development and manufacturing; development and production of aviation assemblies; aircraft conversion and enhancement, and aircraft maintenance. Yossi Melamed, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Bedek Aviation Group has been named General Manager of the new group. Los Banos, Manila-based technical services organization, Wingbox Aviation, has chosen Commsoft’s MRO IT system, OASES, to support its diversifying fleet technical management operations. Currently supporting over 130 aviation operations in more than 55 different countries, OASES is one of the most successful aviation engineering and maintenance systems, combining a very high level of technical sophistication with an intuitive user interface. Designed by engineers for engineers, OASES is structured in a modular format to allow for scalability, and Wingbox Aviation has contracted for the Core, Airworthiness, Planning, Materials and Line Maintenance Control modules. Monarch Aircraft Engineering has implemented a new competency based system with the ELMS Aviation application. Using the cloud-based software system will provide MAEL, a Part 145 and Part M approved organization, with an enhanced solution to better manage competence and compliance of its highly skilled staff. Having the ELMS Aviation application allows all engineers working in maintenance and continuing airworthiness to build a complete profile of their competence, in accordance with EASA regulations and industry best practice. Swiss AviationSoftware (AMOS) has signed contracts with EN- GINEERING Holding. AMOS will contribute to the work scope expansion as well as digitalization strategy of four organizations: EN- GINEERING Holding, S7 Engineering, Sibir Technics and Cyprus Airways. Thanks to the AMOS Financial Multi Entity functions, the MRO organizations of the group will work within the same AMOS environment and will benefit from synergies due to common processes and integrated transactions between the entities. Cyprus Airways will have its own AMOS environment under the group umbrella agreement as processes and business needs of this airline differ from those of the MRO providers. Other News Effective January 1, 2018, Lufthansa Technik AG is the new training organization for approximately a dozen young people who are currently in training programs at Air Berlin Technik. As a consequence, all of Air Berlin’s aircraft mechanic and avionic trainees who began their training in 2015, 2016 or 2017 will have the opportunity to conclude their training programs in their desired professions. Lufthansa Technik and the United Services Trade Union ver.di came to this agreement after the new owner of Air Berlin Technik announced that it was not continuing the company’s training programs. With these new trainees, the total number of people in traditional or dual-study training programs with the Lufthansa Technik Group in Germany will rise to just under 600. Lufthansa Technik and Lufthansa Technical Training are currently working on the contracts and training contents needed for taking over the trainees in Dusseldorf and Frankfurt, and look forward to working with them in the new year. Memorandum of Co-operation in the field of aviation. The organizations are to work together on projects, share professional knowledge, and promote the interconnection between the academic field and practice. Students will get the opportunity to join a long-term vocational training program run directly on CSAT’s premises. They will experience real operations and get the chance to draft their graduation thesis during the internship. The organizations will join forces when working on specialized aviation-related matters, e.g. on the evaluation of operational reliability or safety in the field of aircraft maintenance, alongside other issues. The co-operation will be pursued predominantly with the Air Transport Department of the Faculty of Transportations Sciences of CTU. Concurrently, Czech Airlines Technics will provide the university with decommissioned or damaged aircraft parts to be used by students during lectures to learn, for example, how to identify particular defects. Czech Airlines Technics (CSAT), a daughter company of the Czech Aeroholding Group providing aircraft repair and maintenance services, and the Faculty of Transportation Sciences of the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), have signed a Rolls-Royce has launched R2 Data Labs, to act as an acceleration hub for data innovation. The new organization, which brings together expertise from across the business, builds on 30 years of data-led services and business model innovation. Using advanced data analytics, industrial artificial intelligence and machine learning AviTrader MRO - January 2018

Other News 13 techniques, R2 Data Labs develops data applications that unlock design, manufacturing and operational efficiencies within Rolls- Royce, and creates new service propositions for customers. At the heart of R2 Data Labs are Data Innovation Cells; mixed discipline teams of data experts who work in collaboration with teams from across Rolls-Royce’s operations. These cells apply cutting-edge DevOps principles to rapidly explore data, unlock and test new ideas, and turn those ideas into new innovation and services. These Data Innovation Cells will accelerate new ideas to fuel an already exciting portfolio of predictive, data-based services in areas such as asset availability, efficiency and maintenance or safety and compliance. Through R2 Data Labs, customers will be able to tap into a new community of exciting data innovation that combines deep industry, design, engineering and manufacturing domain knowledge with a global pool of Rolls-Royce data expertise. R2 Data Labs works with best-in-class partners to provide IT infrastructure and to power its analytics ecosystem. This approach ensures Rolls-Royce can take advantage of the best open source technologies available and quickly respond, or co-create, to meet the fast-changing innovation needs of its customers.The launch of R2 Data Labs follows the recently announced partnership with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), giving Rolls-Royce a new digital platform capability. The platform enables data to be captured, shared and analyzed more easily across all areas of Rolls-Royce, so that new products and services can be developed at pace. This complements a preferredpartner agreement with Microsoft for cloud solutions, and positions Rolls-Royce closely alongside two globally recognized digital service providers. R2 Data Labs has data innovation capability hubs in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Singapore, India and New Zealand. A new project at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, funded by a US$1m grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce through its Economic Development Administration (EDA), is expected to create 387 new jobs and spur US$1.6m in private investment. On Dec. 11, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced that a US$1m award to Embry-Riddle will be used to establish a new aviation and engineering research center in Florida. Specifically, the grant will “help build the Applied Aviation and Engineering Research Hangar in Volusia County,” the U.S. Department of Commerce reported in an official news release. The facility will serve as the new home for Embry-Riddle’s Eagle Flight Research Center, a hub for engineering research and development. AviTrader MRO - January 2018

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