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Personal integrity.

Personal integrity. Responsibility for one's own behavior, tasks, assignments and life lessons. Consideration, caring and sensitivity to peers. Maturity, including the capacity to accept "no". Practice of ethical and moral professional behavior. Openness to constructive feedback. Willingness to try new behaviors and to make suggested changes. Presenting a professional appearance and demonstrating military bearing. Course Design: This class will be conducted in an interactive manner. Everyone will be responsible for contributing to the success of the learning experience. Lectures will be brief and interactive. Extensive small group discussions and exercises will be scattered throughout. Time will be given in class to discuss and work on projects and papers. Collaboration: Students are encouraged to work together with the instructor in modifying assignments, suggesting agenda, and raising questions for discussions. Required Course Technology: A number of assignments, projects, and exercises will require your use of D2L and WebEx. Each student is required to have their own computer, access to the Internet (broadband access required in most cases), headset and microphone (built in or external), and be comfortable with the use of email, D2L, WebEx, and various other Internet based programs. You are encouraged to bring an Internet Connected Device (laptop, iPod Touch, iPad, etc.) to class with you every day. We will make use of cell phones and Internet devices in many classes. Unless otherwise stated ALL assignments will be submitted through D2L; feedback and grades are provided through D2L exclusively. MS110 Introduction to Leadership, Fall 2014, Syllabus Page 4 of 9

COURSE OUTLINE: MODULE/ MODE: LESSON/ACTIVITY: ASSIGNMENT(S): WEEK OF: Week 1 03 Sep F2F Course Overview Post Introduction on D2L Week 2 09 Sep F2F Introduction to the Army F2F Introduction to Army Leadership D2L Leadership Models (Hershey-Blanchard Situational Leadership, Leadership Style Inventory Servant Leadership, Blake-Mouton Leadership Grid, GROW Model) Week 3 16 Sep F2F Critical Thinking Skills Leadership Inventory Essay Due D2L Apply Critical Thinking Skills Analyze & Discussion Question: Analyze the Logic of an Article Week 4 23 Sep F2F Officership & Professionalism F2F Organizational Values and Ethos Research & Discussion Question: Research an organization’s values (Peer Review) D2L Quiz 1 Low stakes Quiz 1- Week 1 thru 4 (D2L) Week 5 30 Sep F2F Intro to Cultural Understanding In-class presentation D2L Cultural Understanding Research & Discussion Question: Research a Culture (Peer Review)and present to class Week 6 07 Oct F2F Cultural Understanding Discussion In-class presentation D2L Midterm Exam Week 7 21 Oct D2L Introduction to Stress Management Review lecture online D2L Goal Setting/Personal Mission Statement Review lecture online F2F Vision, Mission Statement Development In-Class Exercise and Online Discussion Week 8 14 Oct F2F Time Management* Time Management Exercise w/takehome assignment D2L Health and Fitness Review lecture online Week 9 28 Oct F2F Situational Leadership Cultural Exchange Project D2L Quiz 2 Quiz 2 via D2L Week 10 04 Nov F2F 12 O’Clock High: Understanding the Application of Leadership Time Management Assignment Due Principles Week 11 11 Nov F2F 12 O’Clock High: Understanding the Application of Leadership Principles Week 12 18 Nov F2F 12 O’Clock High: Character Analysis Week 13 25 Nov No class 27/28 Nov: Thanksgiving Break Week 14 2 Dec F2F Cultural Exchange Presentations Health and Fitness Assignment Due (extra credit) Week 15 09 Dec D2L Final Exam MS110 Introduction to Leadership, Fall 2014, Syllabus Page 5 of 9

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