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Introduction to Leadership Leadership 120 (Section 1) Spring 2014 INSTRUCTOR: Section 1: Michael Nyenhuis University of WI-Whitewater Army ROTC McCutchan Hall, Room 420 Office Phone: 262-472-5250 Department Secretary: 262-472-1541 Email: CLASS MEETING: Section 01 9:55 – 10:45 M, W 426 McCutchan OFFICE HOURS: T, R, F 0900-1100 or by appointment WEB ADDRESS: TEXTS OR MANUALS: MSL I Student Text: Introduction to Leadership. (2009). Boston, MA: Pearson Custom Publishing. RECOMMENDED BOOKS : Field Manuals : FM 1-02, Operational Terms and Graphics, September 2004 FM 3-21.8, The Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad, March 2007 FM 6-22, Army Leadership – Competent, Confident, and Agile, October 2006 FM 3-25.26, Map Reading and Land Navigation, 18 January 2005 FM 21-31, Topographic Symbols, December 1968

Leadership 120/ MS I: Spring Semester COURSE DESCRIPTION: Welcome to Leadership 120! This semester builds upon the fundamentals introduced in the previous semester by focusing on leadership theory and decision-making. Leadership 120 overviews leadership fundamentals such as goal setting, problem-solving, group interaction, presenting briefs, providing feedback, and using effective communication skills. Upon completion of this semester, students should be prepared to advance to more complex leadership instruction concerning the dynamics of organizations. Additionally, students will be increasingly required to demonstrate knowledge of leadership fundamentals and communications (both written and oral). LEARNING OBJECTIVES: The key objective of this semester is to explore the Army’s leadership philosophy in more detail and learn fundamental military concepts. • Leadership: o Distinguish between leadership attributes and core leadership competencies. o Illustrate how a leader leads, develops and achieves • Values and Ethics: o Explain how values impact leadership o Describe the importance of the Warrior Ethos for effective leadership • Personal Development: o Develop personal mission statement and goals o Explain the basic elements of Army Communication • Tactics and Techniques: o Describe the components of a fire team and squad o Describe the three individual movement techniques o Identify symbols and colors on a military map • Officership: o Explain the importance of personal development for officership. 2

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