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Leadership 120/ MS I:

Leadership 120/ MS I: Spring Semester COURSE OUTLINE: Week Of: Week 1 Overview / 20 Jan 14 Week 2 Introduction to Tactics I & II 27 Jan 14 Week 3 Intro to OPORD and Troop Leading Procedures 03 Feb 14 Quiz 1(Tactics/D2L) Week 4 Goal Setting/Personal Mission Statement 10 Feb 14 Goal Setting Assignment Week 5 Introduction To Map Reading 17 Feb 14 Week 6 Introduction to Land Navigation 24 Feb 14 Week 7 Land Navigation and Map Reading PE/Quiz 2(Land Nav) 03 Mar 14 Week 8 Midterm Exam/ Goal Setting Assignment Due 10 Mar 14 Week 9 Introduction to Effective Army Communication 17 Mar 14 SPRING BREAK 24-28 Mar 14 Week 10 Army Leadership – Intelligence and Core Competencies 31 Mar 14 Week 11 Leader Competencies Presentations Assignment 07 Apr 14 Week 12 Army Leadership – Character & Presence 14 Apr 14 Week 13 Intro to Ethical Decision Making 21 Apr 14 Week 14 Leader Presentations 28 Apr 14 Week 15 Leader Presentations /Final Exam Review 05 May 14 Week 16 Final Exam (On Line/D2L) 3

Leadership 120/ MS I: Spring Semester COURSE POLICIES: Participation: Attendance at all class meetings is mandatory. Ten (10) attendance points are awarded for each class attended for a total of 150 attendance points possible. Absences are considered excused when they are due to circumstances beyond your control. Contact the instructor prior to being absent to be excused from class. Unexcused absences will result in the loss of 10 points per absence. Leaving class at break or arriving late consistently is also considered time absent from class. Attendance will account for 15% of your total grade. Late Work: Scores will be reduced by 5% on assignments turned in late. If the assignment is more than one week late the score will be reduced by 10%, more than 2 weeks late will receive half credit. Missed exams require instructor approval for makeup. Professional Demeanor: Students are expected to behave in a professional manner. Elements of professionalism include the following: Personal integrity. Responsibility for one's own behavior, tasks, assignments and life lessons. Consideration, caring and sensitivity to peers. Maturity, including the capacity to accept "no". Practice of ethical and moral professional behavior. Openness to constructive feedback. Willingness to try new behaviors and to make suggested changes. Presenting a professional appearance and demonstrating military bearing. Course Design: This class will be conducted in an interactive manner. Everyone is responsible for contributing to the success of the learning experience. Lectures are brief and interactive. Small group discussions and exercises will be scattered throughout. Time will be given in class to discuss and work on projects. Collaboration: Students are encouraged to work together with the instructor in modifying assignments, suggesting agenda, and raising questions for discussions. ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS: Attendance and Participation (25% of Grade): Attendance will count towards 15% of your grade with class participation making up 10% of your grade. 2 Quizzes: (10% of Grade): You will be required to take two quizzes. Each will be worth 5% of your grade. Midterm Exam (20% of Grade): The midterm exam will cover all material presented to date. It will consist of multiple choice, true/false, short answer and essay questions. Homework Assignments (15% of grade): Three homework assignments will be given during the semester. Additional information will be provided during class. Final Exam (30% of grade): The final exam will only cover material presented since the midterm exam. 4

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