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Fundamentals of

Fundamentals of Leadership/ Leadership 210: Fall Semester Participation includes but is not limited to active involvement in class discussions, contributions to group activities and overall contribution to the learning environment. Attendance and Participation account for 25% of your total grade. Evaluation and Grading: Discussion Groups 150 SHARP Homework Assignment 50 Practical Exercises and Quizzes 100 Mid-Term Exam 150 Army Briefing Assignment 200 Book Report 150 Final Exam 200 Solid performance in each area of evaluation is necessary. The following grading scale will be used based on 1000 points possible: 1000-900 A 899-800 B 799-700 C 699-600 D Below 600 F Every attempt will be made to offer adequate written assessments in explaining evaluations. Late Work: All late papers and assignments will receive a 10 point reduction in grade per day late. Missed exams may be made up with the approval of the instructor. Professional Demeanor: Students are expected to behave in a professional manner. Elements of professionalism include the following: Personal integrity. Responsibility for one's own behavior, tasks, assignments and life lessons. Consideration, caring and sensitivity to peers. Maturity, including the capacity to accept "no". Practice of ethical and moral professional behavior. Openness to constructive feedback. Willingness to try new behaviors and to make suggested changes. Presenting a professional appearance and demonstrating military bearing. Course Format: This course will be offered in a blended format incorporating both online and in-class learning activities. Materials and assignments will be provided through the D2L course site. You will also be expected to complete online activities, quizzes, and participate each week in a directed activity and/or assignment. All of these activities contribute significantly to your grade. Activities and due dates are explained in the Course Outline below. Collaboration: Students are encouraged to work together with the instructor in modifying assignments, suggesting agenda, and raising questions for discussions. Special Needs: The American with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires universities to provide a “reasonable accommodation” to any individual who advises us of a physical or mental disability. 4

Fundamentals of Leadership/ Leadership 210: Fall Semester If you have a physical or mental limitation that requires an accommodation or an academic adjustment, please arrange a meeting with me at your earliest convenience. Open Door Policy: If I am in my office I am available to talk. Prefer you email to setup an appointment. I will meet with any of you to discuss assignments, issues, or concerns. My schedule is generally flexible and I will schedule a specific time to meet with you beyond office hours, if necessary. The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is dedicated to a safe, supportive and nondiscriminatory learning environment. It is the responsibility of all undergraduate and graduate students to familiarize themselves with University policies regarding Special Accommodations, Misconduct, Religious Beliefs Accommodation, Discrimination, and Absence for University Sponsored Events. Please refer to the Undergraduate and Graduate Timetables; the “Rights and Responsibilities” section of the Undergraduate Bulletin, the Academic Requirements and Policies and the Facilities and Services sections of the Graduate Bulletin; and the “Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures” [UWS Chapter 17]. 5

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