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Fundamentals of

Fundamentals of Leadership/ Leadership 210: Fall Semester COURSE OUTLINE: MODULE/ LESSON/ACTIVITY: ASSIGNMENT(S): WEEK OF: MODE: Week 1 03 Sep F2F Course Overview/Book Report Assignment Discussion Group 01 - D2L Week 2 09 Sep F2F What is Leadership? eBook - Leadership F2F Ethical Processing Model eBook – Values and Ethics D2L The Future is Now! Discussion Group 02 – D2L Week 3 16 Sep F2F The Army Ethic eBook – Values and Ethics Discussion Group 02 - Due D2L Time Management eBook – Personal Development Time Management Homework – D2L Week 4 23 Sep F2F Three Stages of Team Development eBook - Leadership D2L Motivational Theories eBook - Leadership D2L Quiz 1 Quiz 1 via D2L Week 5 30 Sep F2F Army Physical Readiness Training Program (APRT) In-class presentation D2L Critical Thinking vs Creative Thinking Time Management Homework Due Week 6 07 Oct F2F Problem Solving eBook-Personal Development D2L Three levels of Army Leadership eBook-Leadership Week 7 21 Oct D2L Brigade Combat Team and Army Staff eBook - Officership D2L Intro to Troop Leading Procedures eBook – Tactics and Techniques F2F Intro to Plans and Orders Week 8 14 Oct D2L Intro to Plans and Orders Online Discussion D2L MDMP, TLP and OPORDS Review lecture online Week 9 28 Oct F2F Effective Army Writing and Communication eBook – Personal Development D2L Quiz 2 Quiz 2 via D2L Week 10 04 Nov D2L Effective Army Briefing eBook – Personal Development F2F Effective Army Briefing In class exercise Week 11 11 Nov F2F Leadership Theories Introduction eBook-Leadership Leadership Requirement Model eBook-Leadership / ADP 6-22 Week 12 18 Nov F2F Army Leader Attributes eBook-Leadership / ADP 6-22 Army Leader Competencies eBook-Leadership / ADP 6-22 Week 13 25 Nov F2F Army Counseling Process eBook-Officership (No class 27/28 Nov: Thanksgiving Break) Week 14 2 Dec F2F Culture Briefs Colin Powell Book Report Due Culture Briefs Week 15 09 Dec D2L Final Exam //Original Signed// Troy A. Yard Captain, United States Army Assistant Professor Military Science 6

Air Force Aerospace Studies 303/Leadership 301: Leadership Studies I UW-Madison, UW-Whitewater, Maranatha Baptist Bible College (MBBC), Edgewood College, Madison Area Technical College (MATC) Captain Evan T. Searles Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies, Air Force ROTC Detachment 925 Phone: 608-265-5194 Email: Fall 2013; Tues & Thurs, 1600-1715 hours; 1433 Monroe Street, Room 140 Course Description: Leadership involves influencing people to achieve a goal. Through course readings, case studies and seminar discussion, you will gain a better understanding of the leadership process with its oftentimescomplex interaction among leaders, followers and circumstances. Additionally, you will improve your own leadership abilities through reflection and practice. Air Force cadets will gain further practice and feedback through leadership laboratories and other cadet wing activities. The course will also focus on developing your communication skills. Course Objectives: 1. Value the importance of leadership in the operation and success of any organization. 2. Value the necessity for Air Force (AF) members to adhere to the AF Core Values. 3. Value the unique principles of AF leadership. 4. Value the military as a profession. 5. Value the importance of self-assessment for AF leaders. 6. Respond favorably to managing stress and building resiliency. 7. Value the importance of effective team building. 8. Value the need for understanding, preventing, and reporting sexual assault. 9. Value the importance of understanding the concepts of motivation. 10. Respond to the importance of effective followership. 11. Respond to the elements of effective writing in the AF. 12. Respond to the importance of effective communication in the AF. 13. Respond to the importance of developing and delivering a professional military briefing. 14. Value the importance of Full-Range Leadership in mission accomplishment. 15. Value the importance of understanding the concept of Situational Leadership. 16. Respond to the importance of critical thinking and its importance for AF leaders. 17. Value the importance of supporting ongoing commitments to improve processes, products, services, and people. Respond to the importance of the Eight-Step Problem-Solving Process. 18. Value the importance of understanding management functions and principles as they apply to AF officers. 19. Respond to the importance of understanding and using the principles and concepts of change management. 20. Respond to the importance of editing any written communication. 21. Value the negative impact of unprofessional relationships. 22. Respond to the consequences of unprofessional relationships.

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