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c. Leadership

c. Leadership development plan: Develop a plan to improve specific leadership abilities. Your plan should identify what skills you seek to improve and how you intend to do so. Focus on specific opportunities to practice these skills. This could involve running a student organization, leading classroom seminar discussions, planning and directing social or work-related activities, or exercising leadership in day-to-day activities. Cadets must include how they intend to use cadet wing opportunities, to include cadet positions, in their development plan. The format here is unimportant. What matters is that you convey to me how it is you expect the planned activities to help you develop your leadership abilities. My expectation is a three- to four-page paper (double-spaced). d. Leadership journal: Use a journal to document leadership opportunities. These are snapshots. You may jot lessons you learn from actions detailed in your development plan, but don’t overlook day-to-day opportunities. For instance, if one of your objectives is to be more decisive, then you can note unplanned situations where you may have exercised decisiveness—or missed an opportunity to do so. Additionally, feel free to jot down examples—positive and negative—that you observe when others “lead by example” or that you garner from your reading. I prefer that you omit names of those observed. e. Development plan results (written): At the end of the course, you will submit a written report that captures the results of your action plan. Recap your leadership definition, self-assessment, and development plan. Questions to consider include: What did you achieve? Did your plan cause you to modify your self-assessment? Did you find that you needed to adjust your plan? If so, how? What leadership development opportunities might you seek in the future? My expectation is a four- to fivepage paper (double-spaced). f. Development plan results (briefing): You will brief the results of your development plan to the class using the professional military briefing style taught in class. My expectation is a five- to sixminute briefing. 5. Midterm/final exams: The midterm and final exams will be a compilation of multiple choice, fill-inthe-blank, and true/false questions. The final exam will not be comprehensive. Grading You will have opportunity to earn the following points: - Classroom participation 15 points - Field training memorandum 5 points - Extemporaneous speaking 5 points - Midterm exam 15 points - Leadership project 45 points - Definition (5) - Self-assessment (10) - Leadership development plan (10) - Development plan results (written) (10)* - Development plan results (briefing) (10)* - Final exam 15 points * Points awarded for format, content, and presentation, not whether the plan was “successful.”

I will assign letter grades as follows based on 100 total possible points: UW-Madison / Edgewood UW-Whitewater/MBBC/MATC A 100 – 93 A 100-93 C- 72-70* AB 92 – 88 A- 92-90 D+ 69-66 B 87 – 83 B+ 89-87 D 65-63 BC 82 – 78 B 86-83 D- 62-60** C 77 – 70* B- 82-80 F 59-0 D 69 – 60** C+ 79-77 F 59 – 0 C 76-73 *Minimum passing grade for Cadets ** Minimum passing grade for academic only students Attachment: 1. Class Schedule 2. Common Paper and Briefing Errors EVAN T. SEARLES, Capt, USAF Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies

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