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LDRSHP 310, Fall

LDRSHP 310, Fall Semester 2014 Mid-Term Exam A mid-term exam will be given to assess your knowledge achieved during the first half of the semester. Final Exam A cumulative final exam will be given to assess your knowledge achieved throughout the course of the semester. Group OPORD/ Lab Instruction Cadets will form into groups of 3 to 4 each. As a group the cadets will complete a full OPORD with all applicable annexes for a topic to be determined by the instructor. Weekly Assignments/ Presentations Each cadet will be assigned four weekly written assignments and/ or presentations. Each is worth 50 points each. Physical Fitness Leader Assessment Each cadet will lead Battalion physical fitness at least once during the semester. Cadets will be evaluated on planning, preparation, and execution. Class Participation & Attendance Cadets are expected to come to class fully prepared to discuss the material to be covered. Attendance makes up 50% of this score. The other half is cadet contribution in class. Evaluation and Grading Class Participation & Attendance Physical Fitness Leader Assessment Mid-Term Exam Group OPORD Final Exam Weekly Assignments/ Presentations 100 points 100 points 200 points 200 points 200 points 200 points Total 1000 points The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater plus/minus grading scale will be used. A 1000 940 C 769 730 A- 930 900 C- 729 700 B+ 899 870 D+ 699 670 B 869 830 D 669 640 B- 829 800 D- 639 600 C+ 799 770 F 599 Below All late papers and assignments will receive a 10% reduction in grade for each week the assignment is late.

LDRSHP 310, Fall Semester 2014 Course Design This course is designed to be student-centric with the onus of learning on the student, but facilitated by the instructor. Army Officers are expected to be life-long learners who take responsibility and personal initiative for their learning. You must properly conduct your pre-class assignments in order to come to class with a foundation of knowledge on the subject to be taught by your instructor. Doing so will allow your instructor to spend the majority of the class time on specific areas that are least understood from the pre-class assignment rather than your instructor re-teaching the subject from scratch. Your instructor has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share in the classroom—do your homework so your instructor can spend more time sharing his personal knowledge and experiences with your class. Class will be conducted in an interactive manner with ample opportunities for small group discussions and practical exercises. Everyone will be responsible for contributing to the success of the learning experience. Collaboration You are encouraged to work together with your fellow MS III Cadets and seek guidance and help from your instructor, MS IV Cadets and other ROTC cadre. Office Hours and Appointments Office Hours are variable M-F I am available to meet with any of you to discuss assignments, issues, or concerns. My schedule is generally flexible and I will schedule a specific time to meet with you beyond office hours if necessary. Special Needs: If anyone in this class requires any special needs, please bring it to the attention of the instructor after class or during office hours. The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is dedicated to a safe, supportive and non-discriminatory learning environment. It is the responsibility of all undergraduate and graduate students to familiarize themselves with University policies regarding Special Accommodations, Misconduct, Religious Beliefs Accommodation, Discrimination and Absence for University Sponsored Events. (For details please refer to the Undergraduate and Graduate Timetables; the “Rights and Responsibilities” section of the Undergraduate Bulletin; the Academic Requirements and Policies and the Facilities and Services sections of the Graduate Bulletin; and the “Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures” [UWS Chapter 14]; and the “Student Nonacademic Disciplinary Procedures” [UWS Chapter 17]. Changes The instructor has the option to make necessary changes to facilitate the learning process. Changes will be noted by the instructor prior to implementation.

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