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LDRSHP 320, Spring

LDRSHP 320, Spring Semester 2014 Schedule All assignments are due the week following the dates indicated here at the beginning of the students MS class. Dates Topics Assignment 22 Jan Overview & LDAC Brief Review of 1 st Semester 29 Jan Leadership Assessment Report Garrison and Tactical OPORD review 05 Feb No Class 12 Feb FOB OPS TACSOP Call for Fire 19 Feb Weapons Familiarization/ EST (off site at UW Madison) Depart 1600 from UWW, return approximately 2030 26 Feb IED Training/ Cultural awareness SQD STX-RECON SQD STX-Ambush SQD STX-Squad Attack SQD STX- Movement to Contact 05 Mar Platoon Operations Orders Platoon Recon Patrol Platoon Ambush Platoon Cordon & Search 12 Mar Platoon Attack Platoon Defense 19 Mar Land Nav and Map Reading review Advanced land navigation techniques Mission Planning Mid-term review

LDRSHP 320, Spring Semester 2014 02 Apr Map reading assessment Land Navigation assessment (mission planning) TACSOP assessment (midterm) 09 Apr FTX Review/ CFTX Preview Platoon Operations Review 16 Apr CFTX Review Accessions Briefing 23 Apr MSIII Superlab Full platoon operations Final Exam review 30 Apr NO Class 07 May Final Exam

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