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Thomas A. Fischer Fall

Thomas A. Fischer Fall 2014 Email: Michael Nyenhuis Office Hours: MWF 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY LDRSHP 350 Class Day and Time: Tuesday 1230-1345, online Requirements: Class Goals The study of United States Military History is not simply the memorization of timelines (dates), the recitation of important generals, or the regurgitation of specific armies and what they did at a particular battle. These certainly are components of military history. They have their place in understanding “WHAT” happened. However, I contend that the “what” is not nearly as important as the “WHY” or the “CONSEQUENCES” of what happened. To understand the role of the United States on the world stage in the 21 st Century requires a basic understanding of the past. Military history offers up one perspective that is helpful for understanding. Furthermore, the military is a human institution. The study of military history is also an investigation of the people in that military as much as it is an analysis of tactics. Finally, the study of military history has application and relevance to understanding the contemporary world and current military operations. Class Attendance - Consistent attendance is essential for success in this course. Students are expected to attend all classes. The class roll will be called daily. Those who miss more than two classes without a verifiable written excuse will be dropped one level on their final grade. (e.g. from a B+ to a B). All excuses for absences must be turned in no later than 10 days after the absence. Class Protocol – Our classroom is a place of mutual respect and civility. This means that we must ALL conduct ourselves with respect and civility. The proper type of class environment demands that those who are speaking need not worry about competing with other conversations, cell phones, etc. I ask that you refrain from carrying on secondary discussions during class. I ask that you turn off and put away cell phones and other electronic devices once class starts. Each time a cell phone goes off in class, I will deduct 10 points from the owner’s final grade.

Exams – One mid-term exam and one final exam will be given. The exams will consist of both multiple choice and short essay questions from lectures and the readings. The essay questions will come from a study sheet I will provide to you a week before each exam. The final exam will not be comprehensive. Make-up exams will be given only to those who are forced to miss the scheduled exams because of an emergency. Students will be required to provide written proof of such emergencies. Students must make every effort to notify the instructor of the emergency before the exam. Those who miss the scheduled exams without doing so risk receiving a zero for their exam grade. Those who miss the final exam and fail to provide proof of an emergency will fail the course. Each examination will be worth 200 points each. Online Lessons – There will be 32 online lessons throughout the course. Students are expected to complete all lessons. Each lesson completion will be worth 6.25 points for a total of 200 points of your grade. Students are expected to complete the lessons prior to video and discussion dates listed on the last page of the syllabi. Online lessons can be accessed via and login information will be put out by the instructor. Battle Analysis Presentation or Paper – Each student will be given a particular Battle from the course studies from the instructor. Students are allowed to request an individual battle however the final decision rests with the instructor. Students will present a 5-7 minute presentation using powerpoint slide presentation and video. Student will have the option to instead write a 5-7 paper analysis of the battle using a specific framework. Papers will be typed, double-spaced and have standard one-inch margins. The grade of the presentation or the paper will be based on the content and clarity of the analysis. Spelling and grammar will also affect the review’s final grade. Presentation will take place outside of class time. Due date for this assignment is 05 December 2014. This assignment is worth 200 points. Course Reader Discussion – No later than 01 October 2014, students will select one of the articles listed under the course reader tab accessed through the blackboard site. Students will then create a forum in the discussion board option in Blackboard. Students will be required to contribute to the discussion board of two additional forums throughout the semester. Course reader discussions will need to be completed NLT 05 Dec 2014. This paper is worth 100 points and will be graded upon content and grammar. Medal of Honor Recipient Paper –NLT 15 October 2014, students will select one Medal of Honor recipient to write a 3-5 page, 12 font Times New Roman, double spaced paper upon. The paper will be due NLT 09 December 2014. Additional information will be distributed to the students regarding the requirements and format of this paper. Academic Integrity – All students must ensure that all work turned in for this class is their OWN work. That includes quizzes, tests, worksheets and papers. Those students who borrow the words or ideas from others without properly documenting that fact are guilty of plagiarism. This includes papers downloaded from the internet, articles posted on websites, or sections of websites that are copied and pasted into student work. Discovery of plagiarism will result in course failure.

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