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UT E re® ns ier life. Professional Services ATTORNEYS: SOCIAL SECURITY GEORGE BUSH LAW 415 4th Street Augusta, GA 706-722-1200 FUNERAL CARE SHELLHOUSE FUNERAL HOME, INC. Family Owned and Operated 924 Hayne Avenue Aiken, SC 803-642-3456 SHELLHOUSE-RIVERS FUNERAL HOME, INC. Aiken’s Only On-Site Crematory 715 East Pine Log Road Aiken, SC 803-641-4401 FITNESS ROUTINE HEARING ROUTINE VISION EMBERSHIPDon’t wait. COVERAGE If you’re turning 65 or COVERAGE new to Medicare, I can answer your questions and walk you through icare, I can answer your questions and walk you through the different the different UnitedHealthcare plans available in in your community. This includes helping you find a network doctor and s. your community. g 65 or new to Medicare, Call me today. Tanya Scott, Licensed Sales Representative 912-844-5522 TTY 711 If you have this card, call UnitedHealthcare today. icare Part B premium. escription of benefits. Contact the plan for more information. Limitations, pply. 46 Benefits, premium and/or copayments/coinsurance may change on sured through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or one of its affiliated organization with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in the plan depends on LONG TERM CARE & LIFE INSURANCE B. STERN INSURANCE ADVISORS See ad on page 45 4000 W. Montrose Ave., #73 Chicago, IL 312-501-1522 MEDICAID & MEDICAID INSURANCE WELLCARE OF GEORGIA See ad on back inside cover 211 Perimeter Center Parkway, Suite 800 Atlanta, GA 1-877-MY-WELLCARE (TTY 711) UNITED HEALTHCARE MEDICARE & RETIREMENT See ad on page 46 Augusta/Savannah/Brunswick 912-844-5522 RETIREMENT PRE-PLANNING THE SMITH GROUP See ad on pages 44, 47 149 Crepe Myrtle Court Aiken, SC 803-649-6645 TAX PREPARATION THE SMITH GROUP See ad on pages 44, 47 149 Crepe Myrtle Court Aiken, SC 803-649-6645 TRAVEL & TOURISM EAST COAST GREENWAY ALLIANCE THOMSON MCDUFFIE COUNTY CONVENTION AND VISITORS BUREAU See ad on pages 50, 51 149 Main Street Thomson, GA 30824

4 Simple Steps to Lower Your Taxes Tax planning allows you to take advantage of opportunities throughout the year that could save you money now, next tax season, and in retirement. Tax preparation is historical by nature, preparers look at your past year and determine whether you will get money back, owe the government, or hopefully break even. New “simplified” tax rules don’t discount the importance of tax planning, if anything they create new opportunities. Here are some tips on how you can save money now and later: WITHHOLD THE CORRECT AMOUNT FROM YOUR PAYCHECK Getting a big return during tax season can be fun, but what it really means is that you gave the government an interest-free loan. I understand some people use this as a forced savings account, but the actual interest you can earn in a savings account on that extra income is more than you will get from the government (and in this interest rate market that is saying something). PUTTING MONEY AWAY IN A QUALIFIED RETIREMENT PLAN This has two benefits; first, it improves your chances of being able to retire comfortably, and second, whatever you put into a qualified retirement plan reduces your tax liability. You can contribute up to $18,500 per year into a qualified employer plan and an additional $6,000 if you are over age 50!1 BRACKET BUMPING Knowing where you fall within your tax bracket is critical and presents a plethora of tax planning solutions that can potentially save you money come next tax season or allow you to convert fully taxable investments into tax-free or tax-advantaged investments. If we expect taxes to be higher in your retirement and can convert taxable assets to tax-free assets at a lower rate today, why wouldn’t you? CONTROL INVESTMENT INCOME Make sure your financial advisor and tax planner are on the same page when it comes to tax planning. Dividends and capital gains that you are not actually pocketing can cost you money in taxes at the end of the year. Tax-loss harvesting and asset location can help solve this problem, but it takes a coordinated effort. Do you think taxes will go up or down in the next 20 years? What about 50? I can tell you as of right now they will go up in 102 This presents you with a unique opportunity to potentially decrease your tax burden next year and beyond. For additional information on tax planning and the options available to you, contact Brandon Williams at (803) 649-6645. Brandon is an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) with Prosperity Capital Advisors, a Registered Investment Firm. The Smith Group I Financial Planning and Investment Advisory services are offered through C2P Capital Advisory Groups LLC D/B/A Prosperity Capital Advisors (PCA) an SEC registered investment adviser with its principal place of business in the State of Ohio. Brandon Williams is registered as an Investment Advisor Representative of PCA in the state of South Carolina. For more information regarding PCA, please visit www. PCA does not provide tax or legal advice 1. 2.

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