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Word TravELS 011 July - December 2017

ELS Travels November 21

ELS Travels November 21 The ELS team “hit the ground running,” joining Abe Sensei’s English class to meet some NUIS students and help me deliver a lively guest lesson on Canadian English! This was followed by lunch with students and a tour of the lovely NUIS campus. I had the privilege of attending and teaching another English class later in the day! Our thanks to Cynthia Smith Sensei for hosting and working with me. W o r d T r a v E L S | 22

November 22 This day was also spent on the NUIS campus. The team reunited with former ELS students, spoke with and presented to prospective ELS students, and capped off the day by attending an “Exchange Meeting” with other delegates. At the meeting, we were warmly greeted by NUIS President Ikuo Hiroyama. November 23 November 23 marked the highlight of our time in Niigata! This busy day began at a Tsubame- Sanjo area metalsmith, where we had the opportunity to forge unique letter-openers. This was followed by a delicious lunch and a tour of the breathtaking Yahiko Shrine! The day concluded at the Niko Niigata Hotel, where we attended a splendid reception hosted by NUIS and met with local government officials and ambassadors. November 24 After a “free” morning shopping in Niigata’s bustling Bandai district, we headed back to NUIS campus for lunch and a final workshop. At the workshop, each delegation reflected on their time in Niigata and at Yahiko Shrine and prepared colourful presentations to capture and share their impressions. We bid a heartfelt “See You Later!” to our kind NUIS friends that evening and boarded an early train to Tokyo the next morning. The four days in Niigata were fruitful, enlightening, and inspiring! Having an opportunity to connect with students at their own university and learn about their home and culture proved an invaluable experience for the ELS team. Reconnecting with old friends and colleagues was highly rewarding and worked to further fortify already strong relationships. We look forward to continuing our work with NUIS and providing rich learning experiences for their students! ELS would like to sincerely thank Satoshi Abe, Ayumi Sekikawa, NUIS President Ikuo Hirayama and the many other students and friends who warmly hosted us during our “4 days in Niigata.” W o r d T r a v E L S | 23