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Word TravELS 011 July - December 2017

English Language School

English Language School Executive Director’s Message February 2018 Dear readers: Like many of you, I view each New Year as a “fresh start,” a time for new energy to focus on the opportunities and challenges that the New Year promises. This first issue of Word TravELS in 2018 provides a flashback of the many exciting and inspiring times at ELS, thanks to the work of so many talented and brilliant students, partners, and faculty members. You will discover stories, photos, and adventures from the latter part of 2017 in this issue, which I sincerely hope you will enjoy. Looking forward to another productive year ahead. All the best for a peaceful and joyful 2018, everyone! CONTENTS 3 Iron Man Amongst Us - A student’s story 4 “Yes! We can.” - How ELS drove the food drive home 6 My Canada Storytelling Project - ELS students share their Canadian stories 8 Two APPEMI Cohorts - Professors participate in advanced professional training at ELS 10 ELS at ATELS - EAP instructors share their research and enthusiasm with peers 12 A Mosaic of ELS Students, Staff & Friends 18 Teaching...Volunteering… - An instructor’s story about volunteering 21 4 Days in Niigata - ELS staff members visit partner institute in Japan 24 Sketches of Canada from a Gifu Per- spective - ELCS students share impressions of Canada Mimi Hui Executive Director English Language School 26 A Mosaic of ELS Short Term Programs 32 A Note from the Editor W o r d T r a v E L S | 2

ELS Student’s Story Iron Man Amongst Us I am Iron Man.” If you have seen the 2008 movie “Iron Man,” you may remember that that was Tony Stark’s (aka Iron Man’s) line at the end of the movie. As things turn out, we also have an Iron Man amongst us in ELS. He does not wear an exoskeleton and will not be flying about on campus or engaging in aero-combat. And he probably won’t introduce himself as Iron Man. Instead, he’ll probably greet you with a smile, a handshake, and introduce himself as Tom. Tom (Zhiwen) Gao started his studies in the Faculty of Arts at UAlberta in the Bridging Program in September 2016. As of August 2017, he has participated in marathons, triathlons, and of course, Ironmans. Prior to his life as a UAlberta student, Tom has already established a rather impressive athletic track record in his home country, China. “It started 4 years ago,” Tom explains. “I was not in shape and started to go to [a] gym. I met a sporty guy there. He invited me to join the Beijing International Triathlon.” A year after Tom’s encounter with “sporty guy at the gym,” he took part in his first Beijing International Triathlon, and came 2nd in his age group (18 - 24). “I got hooked,” offers Tom with a grin. Another goal reached: Tom and Priscila (EAP Instructor) at the finish line of the Edmonton Marathon, August 2017 Upon starting his UAlberta academic career, Tom joined the Triathlon Club on campus as the only Chinese student in the club. “It’s important to engage [myself] in this group (the Triathlon Club). There are people with the same interest. By communicating with people, I become better in communication. “In training, it is important to focus on balance. This meant working on both strengths and weaknesses.” Tom adds, “My weakness (in triathlon) is swimming. I need to work on that…Balance is important. It’s life.” Tom may not have been in Canada for long, but he has already participated in a number of races. “My first race was a half marathon in Jasper,” he recalls. That was followed by a half marathon in Edmonton, a Half Ironman in Calgary, an Ironman in Whistler, and a full marathon in Edmonton this August. When asked if he has any future plans, “My dream is to do the [Canadian] Death Race,” answers Tom, again with a grin. (Note from writer: If you have not heard of it, it is worth looking up what the “Canadian Death Race” is.) As for his academic future at UAlberta, Tom is considering expanding his studies into Physical Education as well. For someone who started training because he was “not in shape” to become someone who now calls triathlon a “lifestyle,” Tom has literally come a very long way. Compared to the path ahead, however, we are probably looking at just the first steps of something exciting to come. All the best, Tom! W o r d T r a v E L S | 3