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6 BUSINESS SKILLS COURSE & DESCRIPTION 50 ONE‐MINUTE TIPS TO BETTER COMMUNICATIONS This course teaches critical skills to conduct and participate in effective meetings, revise and clarify writing and speaking, and create and execute engaging presentations and teleconferences. Business communication occurs in a variety of venues, and in today's rapidly changing environment good communication is key. The point of clear communication is to strengthen business relationships. ACHIEVING LIFE BALANCE This course will show you how to take charge, set goals, and rewrite your life script in order to change the patterns that may be keeping you from living a better life. Each lesson will help you reassess each area of your life and find ways to achieve better balance by looking at how you manage yourself, your time, and your relationships. PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS WRITING The need for sharp writing skills in business is greater today than ever before. We're surrounded by mountains of text on our virtual and actual desktops every day. Learn how to choose the most powerful words and write the most effective documents to give yourself an edge. THE LOGICAL DECISION MAKER Solving problems. Evaluating options. Choosing direction. You need to be adept at critical thinking every day on the job. Learn how to tell the difference between effective and ineffective methods of thought. When you can show that your decisions are based on sound reasoning, you give yourself an unbeatable advantage as a leader or a rising star. KEEP YOUR E‐MAIL INBOX UNDER CONTROL Enhance productivity. Save time. Access information quickly. This is everything e‐mail once promised — before it became the labor‐intensive, time‐consuming daily grind. You can get all the benefits back by following 50 simple steps. You can help your entire company get back on track. E‐MAIL ETIQUETTE This course teaches students how to write effective messages and e‐policies, use e‐mail accessories and passwords, and prevent your password from being stolen. Course activities also cover using the subject line, considering your recipient, managing e‐mail volume, following netiquette guidelines, attaching files, preparing for recipient reactions, and using emoticons effectively. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE WORKS The “People Smart” approach will help you improve relationships in business and social settings, stop wasting time and energy on negative emotions, manage emotions and communicate intelligently, and increase flexibility, enthusiasm, and teamwork. Learn the techniques to manage your reactions and raise your level of emotional intelligence. CREATING A POSITIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT This course is designed for anyone that wants to increase productivity and employee satisfaction by promoting a positive work environment. PRESENTATIONS: PREPARING, DEVELOPING, AND DELIVERING This course will help you to deliver a polished presentation that captivates your audience. You’ll learn how to approach the presentation by creating a plan and developing content that is well‐organized and meaningful. DURATION 1 Day 1 Day 2 Days 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day 2 Days 1 Day 2 Days training business professionals 757.220.9699 ph | 866.834.7024 fax |

7 COURSE & DESCRIPTION HANDLING DIFFICULT PEOPLE The customers and suppliers you need to work with effectively may be outside your company or in the next office and you may not always see eye to eye. Even if you have strong interpersonal skills and common goals, conflict can happen. Make sure you know how find common ground, calm emotions and forge a productive path forward. INTERVIEWING SKILLS FOR MANAGERS This course teaches students the fundamentals of interviewing. Students examine the guidelines for interviewing candidates, researching references, handling difficult candidates, evaluating candidates, choosing objectively, and appropriately following up with all interviewees. Course activities also cover understanding the laws regarding interviewing and selection‐equal employment opportunity, pregnancy discrimination, disabilities, and immigration status‐and functioning within their parameters. THE ART OF NEGOTIATING: HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT This course looks at all forms of negotiating, but emphasizes win‐win negotiating principles and strategies. It includes new concepts, tools, and guidance, reflecting recent advances in collaboration and cooperation and new attitudes toward negotiation. Negotiation is thought of as a contest in which one side wins and the other side loses. The truth is that we negotiate every day with a view toward meeting our needs without antagonizing or defeating others. This kind of negotiating is known as win‐win or collaborative problem solving. PRACTICAL TIME MANAGEMENT Time, like any other resource, can be managed through a variety of techniques. This course leads you through an analysis of your time management problems and presents the principles and techniques you need to become master of your time rather than a slave to it. PROVEN PROBLEM SOLVING Learn a step‐by‐step approach that will enable you to analyze complex problems, make more objective decisions and anticipate potential future problems. You will return to work with a logical and usable critical thinking system that can be applied immediately either when working in a team, individually or with your customers. TECHNICAL WRITING IN THE CORPORATE WORLD Technical writing is an essential part of the corporate world, because technology in present day is complicated for the average individual. That is where the technical writer is a valuable asset, the skill set they have enables the consumer to use, and understand the technology of the product. VIRTUAL TEAMING This course outlines the principles for using technology to maximize team productivity, working without time and place restrictions, developing good collaboration skills, building trust, and avoiding miscommunication. Virtual teams are not just an idea for the future, they are a reality in today's workplace. Students will learn how to foresee and overcome challenges associated with global and mobile team members, so that these teams can implement solutions that work effectively across geographic and cultural boundaries. INTERVIEWING SKILLS FOR APPLICANTS In today’s business world, competition for jobs has never been keener. Therefore, your ability to respond to this highly competitive environment starts with the interview. In this class, you will learn tools and techniques through case study reviews, hands‐on exercises, and video examples how to prepare, respond, and participate in the interview process. You will also learn how to ask and answer questions, and channel your nervous energy during the interview to present a great first impression of a truly polished professional. DURATION 2 Days 2 Days 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day 2 Days 2 Days 1 Day BUSINESS SKILLS training business professionals 757.220.9699 ph | 866.834.7024 fax |

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