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OLYMPU’S SCROLLS “WE ARE TWELvE…GODESSES AND GODS, WE ALL RULE AND CHOOSE, WHO LIVES AND WHO DIES”… Far away, far up, reclining in their fanciful thrones, TWELvE CELESTIAL BEINGS WATCH OvER HUMANITY… but THERE WAS ANOTHER ONE, ONE WHO WAS LEfT BEHIND… Unlike Vikings or Mayans; Hellenes believed the only way to reach the sainted place where their gods RESTED, WAS ESCALATING GREECE’S TALLEST known mountain… OLYMPUS. THEREfORE, NOT EvERY MORTAL WAS ABLE TO COMPLETE THE qUEST, IN fACT, ANY HUMAN WASN’T able to reach even a quarter of the entire solid rock giant beforthey demised into the great abyss between the sky and earth. BUT, THIS MOUNT ISN’T ONly a gigantic earth formation standing around Greece; it represented the residence of the most important deities in aged times; six powerful women and seven important men lived in the great halls and rooms of the golden Olympian palace; while, deep down below in the edgy holes of the underworld, a forgotten traitor had been left to guard the underworlds gateway, due to his unstable mind and madness. THINGS MENTIONED ABOvE, WERE ALL BENT BY ONE GOD PARTICULARLY… zEUS, THE great thunder lord and king of Olympus who had to trust luck once. You see, when Cronos, (father to Zeus, Poseidon,,Hades and more beings) was defeated by his own sons; the three new born gods, threw luck in order to decide which realm would they guard (Sky, Sea and Hell), concluding in the coronation of Zeus, the oceanic designation of Poseidon and the derogation of Hades towards earning the underworld. Years run past, and things settled fine, Zeus and Poseidon had had godlike siblings and now the pantheon began to arise its deity number. Things ended up this way: Zeus sister and wife Hera, was god to women, marriage and birth. Crops were secured by Demeter, maiden of agriculture and seasons. The wise Athena, represented knowledge, warfare, literature, etc. Zeus son, Apollo was god to the sun and had a prophetic gift Artemis was goddess to the, moon, virginity and bow hunting goddesses, she was also sister to Apollo. The despised Ares was idol to bloodshed, violence and war. Aphrodite represented, procreation, fertility, love and passion. The blacksmith god Hephaestus was master to fire and metals. The gods messenger Hermes represented commerce and thieves. Family is represented by Hestia, god to hearth and home The drama god that represented wine was Dionysus.

THE NINE WORLD’S BALLADE “ICE AND fIRE, fLARES AND RIMES, COLD AND WARMTH, WERE WHAT fORGED, OUR GREAT TREEHOLD” It was called Ginnungagap. The crevice between THE ICE REALM “NIfLHEIM”, AND THE BLAzING kingdom “MUSPELHEIM” created a strong bond between both elements, eventually bounding them into a POWERfUL SUBSTANCE kNOWN AS “EITR”, “THE derivation of all living things in THE UNIvERSE”. AfTER YEARS AND YEARS Of BEING mixed, the powerful element gave birth to the first frost giant around the NINE WORLDS…THE fIRST Of ITS SPECIE… “YMIR” THE jotun king had arose. From his armpit the first women and man were born, and from his leg the rest Of HIS SPECIE… THE “jOTUNS” MIGHTY ICE GIANTS THAT WERE HELD AS YMIR’S SIBLINGS IN ALL MATTERS. BUT, THE GREAT fROST fATHER WASN’T THAT fAIR AND NICE WITH NONE Of BOTH RACES HE HAD BROUGHT TO LIvE, NOR WITH BORR’s sons, Vé, Vili and Odin, who ended by slaying the first Jotun, and from his leftovers; they made a world to the poor and forgotten human race. His blood filled the seas and lakes, his flesh made earth ( which they named Midgard), his teeth the rocks and his bones the mountains, from his broken skull they made the sky dome,placing a dwarf at each of the four corners to hold it safely above earth. They protected the land from the Jotuns with a strong wall made from Ymir's eyebrows. Then they created time, and placed the orbs of the sun and moon in chariots driven by the noble giants Sól(sun) and Máni(moon) whom circled round the sky:pursuited by two fierce wolves known as Hati and Sköll. YEARS AfTER CREATING “MIDGARD”, the new Norse warrior gods the “ÆSIR”fOUNDED “ASGARD”THE "COURT Of THE Ás", a palace with many halls. Odin's hall, Válaskjálf allowed him to see all the worlds at once .The other IMPORTANT HALL WITHIN ASGARD, IS NAMED “vALLHALA”, WERE GREAT HEROES WHO perished in battle are raised again from death to feast and train with their DEITIES, fOR “RAGNAROk”, (NORSE ARMAGEDON) IS YET TO COME. More races and worlds were CREATED IN TIMES TO COME, BUT THE GREAT NINE ONE’S were baptised lke this: Asgard’S REALM, WAS HOME TO THE WARRIOR GODS, THE (Æsir). Light elves lived on the glowng blessed land of Alfheim. The Dwarfish land of Nidavelir was neighbor to the Dark elve realm, of Scartalfheim. Jötunheimr was land to the Jotun giants. Vanaheimr served as kingdom to the (Vanir) nature gods. The frozen world filled with ice and frost was Niflheim Muspelheim, a realm of heat and lava,home of the blazing DESTRUCTIvE LORD “SURTR” ( A fIRE jOTUN). Helheim refugee of the dishonorable dead warriors, close to Niflheim and ruled by the goddess Hel.

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