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2018 201 4WDrive - Mar/Apr

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winch, so they felt pretty good about that. What’s more, the fall conditions were mild, and the wet leaves added to the slick conditions. One member of our group, Dave, gave the tough conditions a good run with his air lockers engaged, but he got caught in a rut, which took his vehicle right around to face the opposite direction. Although he was able to reverse and get back on track, he gave us some good entertainment. After this, we stopped for a welldeserved break as everyone had brought their own lunch, drinks and snacks. Another member, Colin, was left in his socks after his shoes got stuck in the thick mud – but at least the temp was mild and the sun was out. At this time, some members of the group recalled memories of having taken this trail before and spoke about the various predicaments and jams, which included a ’07 GMC1500 Z71 that broke a front CV and blew a tire. We also soon realized that this trail dead ends at Black Lake, which meant we had to go back the way we came! While we were undeterred – as we were enjoying our day – we decided to carry on and follow the trail after all. A side trail down a hill looked like it might lead around the west end of the lake. Three of us ventured down the steep rocky hill, while wiser members of our group further back suggested over the CB that not everyone should proceed unless it was clear and lead somewhere. Sure enough, the trail didn’t lead anywhere (for us anyway). Consequently, we needed to winch back up the hill. As Mo was stationed at the top of the first corner and Ken was at the top of the next corner, we managed to get the vehicles back up the slick, muddy, and rocky hill in a fairly short time. Once back at the top, Dave and Brenda took the lead to double back on our route since it seemed that was the only way out. Mo and I decided to go to the end and get a few pictures of Black Lake before turning around to rejoin the others. Nonetheless, it was a nice calm day on Black Lake and all of us made it out safe. See you next time! The sticky mud had Colin in socks when his shoes got stuck in the mud! At least the temp was mild and the sun was out. Dave gave it a good run with air lockers engaged to make it through but got caught in a rut, which took his vehicle right around facing the opposite direction. 10 Subscribe at

The fall conditions were mild and the wet leaves added to the slick conditions. At least Black Lake was calm and clear. A good day for a fall ride. Volume 20/1 11

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